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Latia O.

Although we didn't end up working with Wreck Check we GREATLY appreciated being able to speak with Britney and getting some general advice from her on a few phone calls. We had already started the process with another company (Auto Loss) who ended up being a scam. They had us doing most of the leg work and were very dismissive when we wanted follow up and resolution. OF COURSE they also wouldn't provide us a refund after we expressed our concerns. Again, we're grateful to Britney for her time and assistance. In the future we will start with this company. FYI they don't only work in the state of Georgia. They are nationwide.

Jemise J.

I was able to get a nice settlement check with the help of RJ and his team. I’m very happy with the help they provided me with!

Ink J.

I came across Wreck Check when I was searching for a company that can assist me to get a fair diminished value from my insurance company. I reached out and RJ responded timely and in a professional manner. RJ helped with my demand letter and throughout the process. Of course the insurance declined to pay the requested amount so we had to request the service of an Umpire who made the final judgment on my car’s diminished value from the accident. The final amount was between what RJ requested and what the insurance company offered. Ultimately, I got almost 10x the amount of the original check the insurance company sent me which means I got a few thousand more even after deducting RJ’s fees and the Umpire fees. I will highly recommend using them!

Jennifer C.

Experience here was pleasant and I was comfortable. Staff treated you like family and Dr. Hollon was awesome. The lady that cleaned my teeth rocks! Highly recommend.

Sachin P.

I highly recommend RJ and Wreck Check Atlanta to get fair value of your wrecked vehicle. RJ guided me throughout the initial process and once insurance provided their offer, he took over. RJ studied the offer, did a through research using all the resources available and countered. Insurance company revised their offer after they agreed on paying 3k more. Thanks to RJ and WCA team.

Antanique D.

This company is very professional and reliable. I worked with RJ. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and when I was confused about some things and unsure, he clarified it for me. Definitely would recommend their services. Thank you so much. You made a stressful process less stressful and painless.

Doug H.

Did what they said and more.

Sateria H.

Excellent customer service! Great communication skills you are never out of the loop. This company diffidently get you the estimate you deserve. They are much recommended.

Dasha S.

This company service is fantastic, so grateful they helped me to get a fair value for my totaled car. Highly recommend, Wrech Check Atlanta is professional and responsive!

Jeremy T.

RJ is professional, responsive and great to work with. He returns phone calls and emails promptly. RJ will provide you with a demand letter and another letter that refutes the denial insurance companies like to send to you. (Remember insurance companies save money by using three tactics- delay, deny, defend) By using his professional services and a report to establish diminished value I was able to get a fair offer from the insurance. I received 85% of the average diminished value listed in his report. I was lucky as this amount is actually more that what I could claim in small claims court in my state. YMMV! Remember, the burden of proof lies on you to establish diminished value when dealing with insurance company. RJ can asist you with that. His report lays it all out very clearly. I highly recommend him and his staff for anyone who has been in an accident and needs to recover diminished value from the insurance company.

Dan S.

RJ was phenomenal from start to finish! Wreck Check Atlanta exceeded all expectations. The value in his services was beyond any I can recall. Don't hesitate, call RJ!

Valerie K.

RJ was extremely helpful in guiding me through the diminished value claim process. My insurance company slowed down each step of the claim process but in the end, I received over 10 times more than their original settlement. It's definitely worth hiring Wreck Check to handle your claim.

Kendra M.

All star service. They assisted with getting $6000 more from USAA. Keep me in the loop and updated during the entire process. They are the best of the best.

Yhan M.

R.J. did a terrific Job!!! He is very knowledgeable, professional, etc!! I was looking for someone that would help us deal with the insurance company, I called a couple of appraisers that I found online, they both asked me to fill out long questionnaires and said they will get back with me, they seemed to be busy and would not answer basic questions when I called them.(One of them mentioned that I could get a free appraisal analysis or something like that) BUT I was not comfortable yet. So I decided to go online to look for more options and that's when I found wreck check Atlanta. When I saw how many good reviews they had I felt good about it, then I called... When they answered the phone I knew I was in good hands. R.J. is extremely friendly, professional, returns phone calls fast, he was always available to answer all the questions we had. Overall we had a GREAT experience! Well worth the money!

Kelvin G.

I was unaware of a Diminished Value Claim when it was mention to by car dealer. When I called the Insurance Co. they were eager to give me a check. I contacted RJ and he assured me that he will get me more money for the claim then I was expecting. He did not let me down, I was thrilled at the settlement cost I received. RJ was awesome and cost for his service was surprisingly affordable. I highly recommend RJ for his service and value.

Jaya P.

I highly recommended RJ for Diminished value appraisal. I'm impressed with his work and gave his best to customers. I got 5 times more value than quote given by my insurance company. He is professional and answered all my questions patiently. Thank you RJ for all your services.

Joe B.

RJ is very professional. I highly recommend him. His knowledge, credentials and experience are among the best in the business. He always follows up promptly when you contact him. He looks out for your best interest. He did an excellent job for me. Thank you RJ. Joe B.

Dave R.

RJ was fantastic and got me a LOT more than I anticipated. The insurance company initially offered me less than $100, and I wound up with more than $5k. Would definitely recommend.

Max B.

RJ went above and beyond to make sure I was treated fairly throughout my claim process. He kept me in the loop and always made sure I understood what needed to happen next as he fought to get me the compensation I deserved after my accident.

Crystal A.

RJ is very knowledgeable. He walked me through getting a settlement when the insurance company wanted to play hardball. He was with me every step of the way. He is always available to answer questions and explain the process. Each time I contacted him either by phone or email he responded immediately. I would recommend him if you need a third party appraisal.

Borja B.

Highly recommend!

Dan S.

RJ and Wreck Check are pros. They know the car market, the process, and were able to set clear expectations throughout. A great value! Very impressed!

Connie R.

RJ and this service was awesome. I was referred by my body shop. Once I spoke to RJ he explained the process, and it went exactly as he said it would. The process was seamless. If I did have any questions he answered immediately and walked me through every step of the process. The process was flawless. I so appreciate his help and I would definitely refer this service! Great, all the way around!

S Hamer

RJ was an immense help. He explained the process up front, and how long it would take. The whole ordeal was over quicker than expected. I definitely recommend him.

Justin H.

RJ top notch in the industry. Helped me gain 33 percent more than was initially offered from the insurance company. Always response to calls and emails in a short time frame. I would recommend everyone to check out RJ. Thanks RJ for helping me get more!

Jerry T.

RJ is the “real deal”. He does what he says and promises he’ll do. This is not a quick process, obviously, you’re dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies are about collecting premiums, not paying out funds for claims. Yours, theirs, they are insurance companies and RJ has an developed a process for obtaining a fair recovery for your diminished value. He is easy to get ahold of when you need him and is there through every part of the process. His report is concise, thorough and effective. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed...

Anissa J.

When I thought nothing more could be done in my situation, RJ proved me wrong. He answered emails very fast. Communicated with the necessary parties on my behalf which was very convenient because I was at work all day and not able to check my emails. But when I did I saw that he was already handling business and I greatly appreciated that. I would 100% recommend. Definitely worth the money


I normally don't have time to write reviews but RJ was so efficient I had to share with the world so others can know this is the right person for this job. After payment I received my appraisal with supporting documents then RJ guided me through dealing with insurance company. After following his guidance I was offered $3,800 in less than a month. Initially they insurance appraiser offered a lower number but RJ negotiated a higher number for me. So yes he negotiates the best price for you. I had no idea about Diminished Value and I am happy I googled and found this company. Look no further if you are unsure about who to trust in this process. Thanks, I will share the amazing work you do with others as much as possible. I love getting what I deserve from the INSURANCE Company.

Aaliyah S.

While on the interstate, a mattress flew onto my 3 week old vehicle!! I hadn’t made a payment yet and they thought my Chevy Cruze was going to be totaled out from damage. Luckily, I got it repaired three times by the collision company and I got my baby home. However, my insurance company only wanted to give me $137 in depreciation on $5000 worth of damage. I frantically reached out to RJ for help. I am so thankful for him! We were able to settle with a number much more than what the insurance company initially offered. He truly fights for his customers and doesn’t settle for less than you deserve. I appreciate the communication and patience that he has. Thank you so much! Even though I hope not to be in this situation again, I would use Wreck Check Atlanta again with no hesitation.

Amanda S.

Best diminished value appraiser ever. We provided him with our information and he worked his magic!

Laurine B.

I had a serious case of buyer's remorse after I bought my 2020 Honda CR-V EXL. I really wanted a Toyota Sienna, so I started looking around for a used one. Seven months after I bought the Honda while I was stopped at a red light, I got hit by a truck driven by someone having a medical emergency. He came straight at me and did over $15,000 in damage to my vehicle. I learned about filing a claim for diminished value from the body shop and got in touch with RJ right away. I have to say he was great to work with. He made the process of filing a claim for diminished value very easy and straightforward. The only thing I did that was probably different from most people is I got all of the information for my claim from RJ before I actually filed my diminished value claim, so I submitted it along with my claim to the other driver's insurance company. I settled with them for $8,000 in diminished value and was able to trade in my Honda for a brand new Toyota Sienna for just a few thousand more. I would give Wreck Check Atlanta and RJ Sweeney my highest recommendation if you live in Tennessee or Georgia and you need to file a diminished value claim with an insurance company. Don't try to go it alone. His fee is reasonable and I don't believe I would have gotten nearly as much without his assistance. Thank you RJ!

Brandon I.

I would highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta. After seeing what my insurance company was offering me in diminished value, I reached and was so pleasently suprised by the true amount that Wreck Check Atlanta would be fighting for on my behalf. Please don't take the word of your insurance company and hire Wreck Check Atlanta.

Philip R.

I highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta if you need help getting a fair diminished value for their car. They are very quick, thorough, professional. They knew the ins and outs of the system and was able to get me a bigger check. Thanks RJ!

Dan S.

RJ was phenomenal from start to finish! Wreck Check Atlanta exceeded all expectations. The value in his services was beyond any I can recall. Don't hesitate, call RJ!

Valerie K.

RJ was extremely helpful in guiding me through the diminished value claim process. My insurance company slowed down each step of the claim process but in the end, I received over 10 times more than their original settlement. It's definitely worth hiring Wreck Check to handle your claim.

Kendra M.

All star service. They assisted with getting $6000 more from USAA. Keep me in the loop and updated during the entire process. They are the best of the best.

Yhan M.

R.J. did a terrific Job!!! He is very knowledgeable, professional, etc!! I was looking for someone that would help us deal with the insurance company, I called a couple of appraisers that I found online, they both asked me to fill out long questionnaires and said they will get back with me, they seemed to be busy and would not answer basic questions when I called them.(One of them mentioned that I could get a free appraisal analysis or something like that) BUT I was not comfortable yet. So I decided to go online to look for more options and that's when I found wreck check Atlanta. When I saw how many good reviews they had I felt good about it, then I called... When they answered the phone I knew I was in good hands. R.J. is extremely friendly, professional, returns phone calls fast, he was always available to answer all the questions we had. Overall we had a GREAT experience! Well worth the money!

Kelvin G.

I was unaware of a Diminished Value Claim when it was mention to by car dealer. When I called the Insurance Co. they were eager to give me a check. I contacted RJ and he assured me that he will get me more money for the claim then I was expecting. He did not let me down, I was thrilled at the settlement cost I received. RJ was awesome and cost for his service was surprisingly affordable. I highly recommend RJ for his service and value.

Jaya P.

I highly recommended RJ for Diminished value appraisal. I'm impressed with his work and gave his best to customers. I got 5 times more value than quote given by my insurance company. He is professional and answered all my questions patiently. Thank you RJ for all your services.

William S.

I was skeptical about this whole process not having any experience with diminished value or dealing much with insurance. I just knew my trade in quotes were super low months after an accident repair. RJ is incredibly responsive and transparent about the process, expectations and the do’s and don’ts. I’ve just referred him word of mouth to a friend of mine and encourage you to give him a call. You’ll probably be surprised at how much your claim is actually worth.

Stephen G.

If you get an offer from your insurance company that you feel is insufficient for "diminished value" , please call Wreck Check Atlanta. They know their business and will work in your best interests.

Eduardo R.

Before choosing to work with Mr. RJ I did my research on plenty of diminished value appraisers. Mr. RJ's professionalism, friendliness, and genuine care for me helped me made my decision to go with his business. 10/10 would recommend.

Susan L.

RJ is great....Everything he stated came to be true. The insurance company sent me a check for 271.00 and I argued with the insurance company for 2 months before I called RJ. Best thing I ever done... I got 4,000 thanks to RJ.

Dominique G.

I would absolutely recommend Wreck Check Atlanta to anyone that is attempting to get the diminished value for their car. Mr. Sweeney. is extremely professional and quick to respond to any questions that you may have. Initially my insurance company offered me $300, for my car that was in a wreck, but Mr. Sweeney was able to get my diminished value to $4250. I have no complaints. Thank you for everything.

Alta T.

RJ was so professional, straight forward and called me within 5 minutes of me reaching out. He was consultative about my particular situation and eased my mind. He is definitely an advocate for the consumer and advised me after the insurance company offered me an unfair diminished value settlement.

Peter W.

Great service, he is very professional, he can even settle the great deal for you with your insurance company. He save me great of time and effort to deal with my insurance company.

Jerry M.

RJ handled my case so well. You can’t get played with RJ on your side. Thank you very much for your help.

Yoel B.

This person does his job very well and the best is with you until the end of the process, there is no doubt that I will recommend him and use his services again if I need them.

Taylor A.

My insurance company tried to deny that I was owed any diminished value compensation. RJ compiled a detailed report outlining his assessment of what I was owed and kept in touch throughout the process. Even when my insurance company fought back against the assessment, RJ provided me with a clear outline of next-steps and made the whole process painless. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta's services.


This company is absolutely Amazing. The diminished value report i got from this company was thorough and very detailed. He walked me through everything and walked me through the proper response to the insurance company. He responds to emails quickly. I had a lot of things going on shortly after i started the case and took about several months off. After several months i sent him an email and he picked up where we left off, no issues. I highly recommend this company. From giving you the diminished value report, to helping you file a civil suit if needed. This was money well spent. With his help, my offer increased significantly. His service pays for itself.

Todd K.

I was working with an insurance company that was not willing to give me any diminished value for the wreck on my 1 year old car. I fought with them back and forth for works, providing them plenty of evidence and they still refused. After speaking with RJ I was confident that he could help me out with his experience. I hired RJ and several weeks later I had a check from their insurance company for an agreeable amount. I highly recommend working with RJ to ensure you get the fair value on your diminished value claim.

David R.

What can I say. RJ aided me in getting a much fairer valuation for my vehicle. Significantly higher than what the insurance company was originally offering. Well worth the effort. RJ was great. Thank You.

Corey S.

Everything happened as RJ Sweeney said it would. He worked hard to make everything smooth and easy. Thank you

Zahid K.

Honest, Professional and responsive! Excellent company who did not over promised but delivered more than my estimated. He is worked my behalf with Auto insurance Co. and helped big time. I hope I do not get into any accident but if I do I will definitely use his services and personally recommended anyone I know.

Antrell V.

RJ was super helpful throughout the entire claim process. Thank you so much!

Lisa C.

RJ was great to work with. Fast, easy and delivered on exactly what he said he would do. I highly recommend him.

Nicoli D.

I can not say enough about Wreck Check Atlanta. Their professionalism and quality of work is impeccable. Unfortunately your troubles do not stop at surviving an accident, you now need to fight for what is owed to you. Wreck Check Atlanta has your back in that fight.

John M.

I was hit from behind at a stoplight in my Lexus SUV. The other driver was at fault but his insurance company was only paying me $1,000 for the diminished value. So, the Lexus repair shop gave me Wreck Check Atlanta number and I called RJ to do a diminished value report so I could get more money. RJ helped me throughout the entire process and provided me attorney name and number who does diminished value cases. I settled outside of court for $6,000. Having the diminished value report done made the difference in my case. When it comes to diminished value on vehicles the person and company you want to hire is RJ Sweeney’s Wreck Check Atlanta Company. Thank you, RJ, for all the help you provided me during my case!

Tiffany T.

I absolutely loved working with RJ at Wreck Check Atlanta for my total loss appraisal. He was very responsive via email, and honest when it came to my claim. He kept me posted every step of the way during the entire process. At first, I was sorta annoyed by the entire process, the fact that it took almost 2 months, and by how unethical the insurance companies are, but RJ definitely made the whole ordeal lighter and easier to carry. He explained everything to me and did not make any promises that’s he couldn’t keep. He is definitely someone that you should want on your side when it comes to helping you obtain your true value for your vehicle and getting more money in your pockets after an accident or total loss. I really appreciate you RJ. I have learnt a lot from you in the short time of us working together. Thank you!

Cedric B.

So, let me first start by saying that I've never had a to do an insurance claim with a diminished value provision, but there's a first time for everything. I didn't know where to start, but I did know there were laws in Georgia that supported diminished value for your vehicle damaged in an accident. I went online and began doing research and that's how I found Wreck Check Atlanta. Lucky me! RJ is the consummate professional. His exceptional experience in working with the insurance companies and knowledge of the industry is what sets him apart from EVERYONE else. He made the process super simple. I reached out to him and he called me back promptly. He sent over an email requesting all the info he needed to start my case. I submitted the info, paid a small fee and he RJ went to work. It was worth every cent! He handled everything and kept in close contact with me throughout the process. He also advised me on how to communicate with my insurance company. It was just incredible and amazingly comforting, especially for someone who had never done this before. RJ nearly tripled the amount my insurance company initially offered me. If that doesn't convince you he's the right choice, nothing will. Don't waste your time with other companies. Wreck Check Atlanta IS the choice. RJ's knowledge, experience, professionalism, guidance and care sets him apart from all the others. Don't look any further...he's the best. Thank you, RJ!!

Jeff S.

WOW!! Unfortunately i had two accidents in the past 2 years. The first company I used for the DMV did not do very well. Wreck Check Atlanta really worked hard for me! They went above and beyond offering all kinds of help. They are very easy to get ahold as well. Thank you!!

Amaar G.

Unbelievable. The only word I have. The insurance company tried low balling the diminished value by sending me a $315 check. Once I contacted RJ, he immediately started assisting. After paying him a flat fee of $300 and negotiations with the insurance company, I managed to get ahold of $6,800. Unbelievable jump. Sounds too good to be true; however, it’s true.

Pete W.

When someone gets into an auto accident especially by no fault of their own you would generally go to the insurance company to get your car repaired or replaced & deal with injuries & or property damage. What many people (including myself) don't know that in many instances you can also claim Diminished value of your vehicle through the insurance company as well. I was referred to Wreck Check Atlanta thru my brother who had a similar issue in getting his Diminished Value after an accident. I spoke to RJ at Wreck Check Atlanta & he helped me through the process. He was courteous & very knowledgable & up-front, his communication to me was very prompt in keeping me informed, he educated me of how the process works & I couldn't be more pleased of his tenacity to work toward a feasible resolve. I will not hesitate to refer all my family & friends to him in obtaining Diminished Value(DV). There may be others that may be able to get DV, but if you're reading this YOU CAN STOP SEARCHING & GO WITH RJ @ WRECK CHECK ATLANTA.

Aditya P.

RJ got me a payout for my car's diminished value that was 26 times more than what my insurance offered me. The fees I paid for it were irrelevant compared to the payout. He was professional and responsive throughout the process. His opinions and recommendations are valuable. Would recommend 100%.

Corinne R.

I am a personal injury attorney in Atlanta and recently hired RJ Sweeney of Wreck Check Atlanta as an appraiser regarding two diminished value claims. He increased the initial offers the insurance company made substantially. We agreed to settle one claim and went to arbitration on the other claim. We had great results due to Mr. Sweeney's input, knowledge and professionalism. I will refer him to all my clients without hesitation.


He did what he said and I received $4800 more for my diminished value claim than the insurance company gave me. He knows what he is doing.

California Produce

As company tried to low ball me on my total loss. RJ was able to negotiate and got me 50% more of what insurance originally offered. Don’t negotiate yourself call wreck Atlanta they know what they are doing.

James S.

very knowledgeable and me substantially more than the insurance company was offering

Olajire A.

I came to RJ due to the reviews that others had posted and I’m glad I had. He gave me realistic expectations of what was going to happen and also fought for me against my insurance company. He was affordable and overall a pleasure to work with! Rj ended up getting me 3k above what the insurance company originally offered me. I truly appreciate his hard work ethic

Fred G.

I used wreck check Atlanta to help me with my diminished value claim here in florida. RJ furnished me a professional report and follow-up responses to the oppositions insurance company. Instead of receiving $2,500 as was offered in the beginning from the other insurance I ended up receiving $8,500 after submitting a letter from RJ negotiating a better deal for sure. Highly recommend. Great investment. You need to be on top of the other insurance company as they never want to pay diminished value but with the ammunition of RJ's report it was excellent.

August S.

RJ helped me every bit of the way with my diminished value claim. He was always accessible and showed a genuine interest in helping me get a very successful outcome to my claim.

Eric B.

If you have any accident and need help with diminution of value, call RJ. He helped us get the money that the insurance company low balled us on.

Kevin C.

After battling with my insurance company who wanted to offer me a wholesale price for my car that was stolen, I contacted RJ at Wreck Check. He responded quickly and I had a very acceptable offer from my insurance company in less than 2 weeks. I wish I would have known of this service earlier. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services..

Jayesh D.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Wreck Check and RJ. When one my friends referred me to RJ, I wasn’t sure if I would get the right value with Wreck check as there were quite a few cost effective providers. But let me tell you one thing - my decision to go with him really fetched me more than expected outcomes/results. RJ is one of the very few in the industry who understands the business and ecosystem pretty well, has an ability to effectively negotiate with various insurance provider and keeps the interests of the client ahead of anything else. He was very proactive in his communication, provided me timely advice whenever I was stuck along the process and helped arrive at a favourable outcome for me quite too soon. I would highly recommend RJ and Wreck Check for anyone who are seeking for these services in and around Atlanta

Phi H.

I never knew this type of service existed prior to this accident. The at fault insurance company tried to low ball me but RJ provided coaching through the entire process and got me 4.5x more than what they originally offered me for diminished value. I highly recommend you all use RJ after all accidents and get the money you're rightfully deserve!

Christopher C.

Insurance company offered me $300 - I reached out to Wreck Check to start the appraisal process and he told me I should get around 2,500 based on his experience. After much back and forth and invoking the appraisal clause with my insurance company the umpire settled at just under $2,800. Very pleased with the outcome - trust the process and be patient.


very knowledgeable and professional

Sarah M.

RJ helped me greatly with my diminished value claim. He is extremely professional, and has an exceptional response rate. He gave me realistic expectations throughout the entire process. The process took about 1.5 month with going back and forth two insurance companies ( the individual at fault and mine) and He was persistent adamant with the Adjustors and umpire. He spoke on my behalf with the Insurance’s claim adjustors and the settled on an amount that was above and beyond what I was expecting. The process was frustrating on the Insurance’s end, but RJ was very assuring. In the end I and extremely happy with outcome of the claim and couldn’t have been possible without RJ.

Gene C.

Led me through the Diminution in Value claim process. Obtained a settlement 5.5 times the original offer.

Terry N.

If you are filing a diminished value claim with your insurance company, you need to give RJ a call at Wreck Check Atlanta, before you ever even talk with your insurance. He'll discuss the process and give you an idea of what kind of settlement you can expect. He does a very thorough appraisal of the diminished value, generates a report and coaches you through step by step. My insurance tried to low ball me before I contacted RJ, offered 2800$. Once RJ was involved he handled it all and I ended up with a 34,000$ settlement! If you are looking at a diminished value claim, do yourself a favor and call RJ at Wreck Check Atlanta!

James M.

I contacted Wreck Check Atlanta when I reached a dead end in my attempt to get my insurance company to pay me fair market value for my Audi which was totaled in an accident. The adjuster was very rude and did not even consider my research, which showed that I could not replace my car with a similar model anywhere near the advertised prices, within a 500 mile radius. He basically said take it or leave it. He even decided that he would cut off my rental car payment now since he had determined what he would pay me for my car. Frustrated and on the verge of panic I did a Google search of automobile appraisers and found Wreck Check Atlanta. I immediately called and talked with RJ. After telling him my predicament, he told me that they were indeed under valuing my car. He told me how he could help me and his services would cost me $300.00. I thought about it and was wondering if it was worth it to pay him this amount in advance. Could he really help me? I reluctantly sent him the $300.00. I contacted the adjuster and told him that i was turning my case over to Wreck Check. I could tell that the adjusters tone was different after I told him this. He tried to convince me that I was wasting my time and that his offer would not change. Well wouldn't you know it, things changed after a few days when RJ got on the case. I don't know what he said or did to get that adjuster to budge but he eventually got me a settlement $4000,00 higher than what was offered. WOW! To say that I was initially worried about the $300.00 dollar fee is obvious, but believe me... it was worth it. I even offered him a bonus but he refused to take it. Now that is integrity, If you are being bullied by your insurance company, take my advice, don't think twice. call Wreck Check for a bigger check.

Ricky M.

my insurance company offered me 37 bucks in diminished value. My case was slightly complex due to the insurance companies appraiser being stubborn and difficult. It had to be escalated to an unbiased umpire for a final binding decision. I wasn't expecting for it to go this far however it did. I ended up getting close to 3K back. RJ is extremely professional and he fights for you. The only issue to me is his preferred method of communication which is by email. Which i became accustomed to because he responds more prompt that way. He generated a 30 to 40 page report. He works extremely hard and for that I'm appreciative. I ended paying 275 to him plus an additional 150 to the umpire. Well worth it because i got my money back and then some. I'd recommend him again for any diminish value appraiser. He knows his stuff and provides long-winded thorough detail qualities reports to get you the money u deserve, especially when these insurance companies try to low ball you

Taylor A.

RJ was fantastic to work with. I would highly recommend if you are filing a diminished value claim that you use RJ. He was extremely responsive and thorough in his write up. The insurance company was slow to respond and RJ worked with me to find different avenues to get to the right person. Overall I ended up with a settlement that was 5X what the insurance company initially offered by following RJ’s advice. I appreciate your help RJ!

Dani S.

Helped us through the process. Very responsive. We were able to get more than we originally though. Thanks, RJ!

Jessica V.

RJ Sweeney is very quick, effective, and efficient. He got me more money out of my car’s value after my insurance company low-balled me. Use him!!!

Joe E.

Worth it! RJ got me over 3 grand more than Progressive tried to offer me for a total loss. He was very helpful every step of the way. It was easy and once he got involved the process ran smoothly. Could not recommend him any higher.

Mayra S.

Very responsive and professional. Helped me through the process step by step. I know that without their help I would not have gotten any money from the insurance company, literally pennies on the dollar without Wreck Check!

Suzanne J.

I would recommend RJ Sweeney to anyone looking for a really good Apprasier, he is reliable and gets the job done. He replies fast to emails, very good communication and most importantly got me way more than the insurance was willing to offer me . Thank you

Jalisa M.

RJ is honestly the best. Before I was a client he took out the time to speak with me regarding options and his experiences dealing with different insurance companies as well as my type of situation. I was really dealing with. We ended up getting a very low offer practically over $6000 less than what was owed. RJ helped me by reaching out and contacting everyone for me. I did nothing more than email the letter to my insurance and just wait for their response. It was definitely a process but it wasn’t on RJs behalf but please understand insurance companies will TAKE THEIR TIME! They have no benefit to be on your side or tell you the best option. Listen to RJ he is very experienced and knows what is best! He is your go to and your best resource as well as option. Will definitely be using him if needed again and already planning for him to review my repairs on my car! Don’t miss out on such a gem. He is also very easy to reach, one call.

Jen V.

100% worth the investment to hire RJ for your diminished value insurance claim! My parallel parked, unoccupied vehicle was hit on three sides by a distracted driver. The driver's insurance company did not want to payout on the diminished value of my vehicle, stating that it had "too many miles and therefore did not lose any value due to the wreck". I hired RJ to coach me through the process and ended up getting $4,000 in diminished value on my 2010 4Runner. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Laidra J.

Shortly after purchasing my vehicle I was hit by someone. I was deemed not at fault but decided to let my insurance company handle the claim and have them get reimbursed later. Although they said that the offer for diminished value was fair, I figured they were most likely low balling me. I almost accepted the offer (just to get it over with) but decided it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion. I found out about RJ and I admit that I was very hesitant to reach out, however, I am SO glad I did! I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be able to get more from my insurance company but I explained my situation and gave him the details he needed anyway. He was very informative, responsive, and completely professional throughout the process. He quickly developed a more accurate appraisal and let me know what to expect. My insurance company pushed back and I thought I hit a wall but RJ stepped in and next thing I know I got a settlement offer that he had negotiated! What RJ negotiated was thousands more than what I was originally offered!! I now feel that I got a fair value for my vehicle and I am very grateful that I trusted his guidance. I’m so glad that I contacted him and I promise that you will be too! I will be sure to refer him to my family and friends, if the need ever arises. Hire him! You’ll be glad you did.

Tyler T.

RJ helped me get thousands more than what my insurance company was offering me and he worked hard on my behalf to get me as much as possible. Very much worth the money and I'll happily recommend his service to anyone.

Jessica C.

Great working with them!! Easy to work with process and got me way more than I expected. Worth it!!

Hunter O.

Amazing! He told me early on how much money he was going to be able to get me and he was spot on. I paid a small fee to get thousands more in my diminished value claim than the insurance company was offering. Further, RJ was very easy to get in contact with. He responded to my emails almost instantly. The whole process went by so quickly once he was involved. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ulysses H.

44 page appraisal report. Multiple certifications/awards. My insurance company didn't want to do DV claim. Mr. Sweeney directed me on how to get it done. Ended up going third party, State Farm went from 2k to 10k in diminished value thanks to his report. His fee definitely paid off more than I expected.

Bradley F.

RJ called me almost immediately after I reached out to their service. He was professional, honest, and effective at quickly getting my insurance company to comply with my requests. I would absolutely recommend anyone the services offered at Wreck Check. Don't go fight the insurance company alone. Geico tried to give me $1700 for an accident that was not my fault. RJ ended up getting me $4900, considerably more than what the insurance company was offering. The money spent on RJ's and Wreck Check's services was well worth it. Highly recommend their help to anyone dealing with insurance and/or diminished value cases.

John M.

RJ did an amazing job! He was on top of this from the start and took my settlement from $121 to 5000!

Amit J.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with RJ, trust me, I had options to go with other cheaper Diminished value service providers, but based on Google reviews and after speaking with RJ, I made my decision to go with Wreck Check Atlanta, and I am glad that it was the right decision. RJ was simply exceptional, he was extremely responsive and guided me through the entire process. Finally, insurance ended up paying more than double of what they had initially offered and settled. A big Thank you RJ

Lashanda B.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone that has the misfortune of wrecking a vehicle, whether it's repaired or totaled. RJ responded right away to my inquiry and wasted no time getting started. He reviewed my situation, wrote a detailed report of what he thought the value of the vehicle was and guided me through every step of the process of communicating with the insurance company. He then worked with their appraiser to ensure that I received a fair settlement for my totaled car. In the end, I was extremely satisfied and glad I decided to use his service. Again, I highly recommend him for any diminished value claim.

Denee A.

RJ was amazing and helpful. I highly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable and responded to every question and email.


This was my first time working with a diminished value appraiser and RJ Sweeney made it an amazing experience. He helped me get 10 times the amount of the original offer from the insurance company on one claim and 6 times the original offer on another claim. He provided all the necessary documents and coached me through the entire process. He was available by phone for any follow up questions. I definitely recommend his services as I called and spoke with at least 7 other companies before choosing him and I'm confident I made the best decision.

Jibran S.

RJ stepped in to help me dispute a very low diminished value determination by my insurance company and did a great job. RJ helped my recapture the real value lost for my car, which was nearly 7 times the original amount offered by the insurance company. Thank you, RJ.

Steven L.

RJ did an amazing job negotiating my diminished value claim. My insurance was super stubborn and offered me only $200 compensation for diminished value; also they refused to invoke appraisal clause to resolve this dispute. So RJ helped me to file complain with GA Office of Insurance. Eventually, Progressive gave up and settled for $2000 (10 times what they originally offered!). Thank you!

Venu P.

If you ever need an adjuster to help you with your low ball insurance company offer for diminished value claim, RJ from Wreck Check Atlanta is your man. RJ is the total professional. He is upfront, very thorough and meticulous, always available and continuously fights for his clients to get them the best offer. Thanks RJ for helping me with my Claim after deer accident. I would happily recommend you to anyone i know.


RJ was amazing to work with! He handled everything and we were able to come to a number that was almost 4.5x what the insurance company offered. Don’t look any further, this is your guy!

Mike B.

Wreck check Atlanta is very professional, responds to you quickly, and help you get a fair settlement. I would recommend and use them again.

Jerry S.

RJ did really great job for us, we think he is one of the bast appraisal in Atlanta. If you need any help he is the guy you looking for, he will work hard on you case. Great Job RJ.

Todd M.

RJ was extremely helpful in guiding me to recover my diminished value claim. He set the expectations early and if you follow his advice you will get more than the initial low ball offer from the insurance company. I was able to get a settlement that was 427% of the original offer without going to court. He was always available by phone or email to provide guidance. I am hopeful that I won't need his services again however if I did, he would be the first person I call. His small fee is worth it. Thanks RJ!

Michael P.

RJ, was able to guide me and help me obtain a favorable outcome to my diminished value claim. My situation was quite problematic dealing with a stubborn insurance company. He suggested considering using my right to request an appraisal with my insurance carrier and take the subrogation route. this approach increased my payout 2x. Very professional to work with and a wealth of knowledge.

Aura B.

I picked Wreck Check Atlanta after google searching, and I'm happy I did. I've had an excellent experience, RJ was extremely open to any question I had. The process was pretty fast and easy. The inssurace company tried to give me a small amount, RJ helped me to receive more then triple. I highly recommend it!

Mechia A.

Quick responses, great guidance and very helpful in helping you get more than the insurance company initial offer. Its worth it

Justin S.

This was my first time going through the Diminished Value process, and while I was skeptical of the process at first, RJ made it very easy to understand. When we first spoke he gave a rough estimate of what he typically sees in the payout, and by the end it was spot on for what I received. Additionally, RJ was very responsive and answered all my questions, even to the point before I had paid the appraisal fee to be sure I knew what I was signing up for. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a fair value of their loss due to an accident. The insurance companies are not on your side and will low ball your offer. RJ will help you get what you are owed.

Ali B.

RJ helped me out with a claim I had where the other driver was at fault. The other driver's insurance company tried to low ball me on the diminished value of my car but RJ was able to help me secure a fair and reasonable amount that I was happy with. He walked me through what the process would look like and how long it would take to set my expectations. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is having trouble negotiating with their insurance company, he is super knowledgeable!

Eric L.

RJ was awesome to work with. Helped us get a very reasonable diminished value for our brand new car. I highly recommend him and his services.

Sherri R.

RJ at Wreckcheck Atlanta is beyond incredible! Extremely professional and amazing through the process. I was stressed but he helped me step by step through my diminished value claim. The other insurance company didn't want to give us but $500 for our brand new 2020 Toyota and he told me exactly what to reply and stepped in and got what he originally told us we would get. THE BEST NEGOTIATOR hands down!!!! I highly recommend this guy and actually already recommend him to friends of ours and will continue.

Kathryn F.

RJ was an absolute blessing in getting a fair diminished value payout. I was hesitant at first; the big insurance corporations have a lot of weight to pull around to give you as little money as possible. But RJ was responsive and effective - after 3 months of coaching and guidance, my payout increased from $611 to $4450! I have more faith in RJ advocating for me than my own insurance company. You seriously will not regret hiring RJ and Wreck Check!

Joseph N.

Thank you Mr. Sweeney for helping me with my DV claim. You confirmed your great reviews to me by answering very professionally, favorably and promptly to my request. I appreciate your expertise and fight on my behalf.

Nettie J.

RJ provided a very necessary service in a professional, courteous, informative way. I was totally unaware of the law or the process. RJ explained it so well and guided me the whole way. Thank you, RJ. I feel fulfilled.

Cathy F.

This is the second time I have worked with this company and I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge. RJ is thorough and guides every step of the process to optimize the results

Elaine B.

If you need an expert to appraise your total loss and write a demand letter - look no further. RJ was extremely responsive and professional by both email and his cell. My accident was January 16th 2020. My insurance company Allstate determined my 2018 Maserati to be a total loss in February. MSRP new was $82,500. I haggled for over a month with multiple Allstate field agents and their supervisors over their extremely undervalued appraisal of $40,600 and their final offer of $41,200. Allstate mentioned that I had the Right of Appraisal in Georgia but it would take months and my settlement might be less. Thank goodness I found RJ and Wreck Check Atlanta because I almost settled out of frustration to just be done. In a matter of 5 days after hiring RJ, I had a binding agreement for $57,500. My advice to you if you end up in my situation is to stop talking to your or their insurance company and just hire RJ.


RJ Sweeney is amazing I have never heard of diminished value before and they navigated us through the process and for a very fair fee we got a check for over $6000 this was an amazing experience and I recommend this company to get your value because a lot of these companies work with the insurance co. but RJ is independent and cares for their clients.

Rupesh G.

Thankyou Wreck check Atlanta for helping me through the claim process. I was glad that I took your services and you delivered the best possible settlement.

Kens R.

I normally don’t share my business but I’m going to do it this time because of the nature of the review currently we are under covid 19 Lockdown during this time my fiancé has been laid off. Which has cut down a substantial amount of our household income a week ago I was on my way home and hydroplaned flipped once and hit a light pole since my truck obviously is totaled my insurance company only wanted to pay out peanuts . Which is kinda a big deal seeing how my 7 month old son is in the hospital in Atlanta and this vehicle is my main ride to see him I called RJ and explained the situation to him and he has been nothing but helpful with my son I life support the last thing I can afford is to lose any money I stress everyday about gas and a soda I really could not imagine what I would do with out him being so kind so please if you are loooking for someone to help you and be there for you don’t look any further I can tell you he is a really caring individual and business owner

Tiara W.

Thanks to Wreck Check Atlanta I received an offer of 4 times the amount the insurance company tried to offer me. They tried to low ball me on my Mercedes, but RJ helped increase the offer with his thorough report. I'm so happy I found this company!

Lana V.

To go from both the responsible party's insurance company AND my insurance company telling me that my diminished value was $0 to receiving an email alerting me to $3000 pending deposit to my account has been amazing. I can't thank RJ enough for sharing his wisdom and his time guiding me through this process and stepping in when needed. If your vehicle has over 100k miles, let RJ tell you if he can help. If he says he can, let him!

Ranjit T.

I highly recommend RJ for your diminished value claims appraiser . He handled my case smoothly and got the fair amount from my insurance company. Thank you RJ.

Kimberly S.

This was my first time working with a diminished value appraiser and RJ Sweeney made it a wonderful experience. He helped me get almost four times the amount of the original offer from the insurance company. He provided all necessary documents and coached me through the entire process. I definitely recommend his services.

Zae C.

Perfect job, got the insurance to pay more than $5,000 for my totaled Toyota Camry.

Goldy S.

RJ has been really helpful throughout the claim process. He is very professional and always available for your questions and concerns.

Toni M.

This company gets the job done!! Wreck Check Atlanta is the best.

Jonathan B.

I highly recommend RJ. He got almost double the estimate of a competitors agreement offer. He was always there to answer questions and responded to every email. Thank you, RJ!!

Genia A.

We have used Wreck Check Atlanta twice. Both times RJ provided great guidance in a timely manner. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with. Having someone knowledgeable to help you through the process makes it easy. I can honestly say, Wreck Check Atlanta provides a valuable service that is well worth the cost.

Joseph L.

R J Sweeney is the best adjuster for a diminish value payment claim I ever met in my life . He is a very professional adjuster I recommend to any body having a diminish value payment claim and you will be satisfied at the end of his negotiation with a third party adjuster for the best ever outcome for a full satisfaction of your claim.

David W.

Wreck Check Atlanta was excellent! A++++

Luis P.

Mr. Sweeney was no doubt a great recommendation. At all times he was responsive, professional and gave concrete recommendations and advise. He complied timely with his promises and followed through. I will give him with confidence a 5 starts review. Thank Mr. Sweeney. I appreciate all your support and assistance.

Kayley M.

Absolutely fantastic service. RJ helped me every step of the way with my diminished value claim, and when the other driver’s insurance as well as my insurance wouldn’t cooperate, he provided detailed instructions on how to proceed. He negotiated with the adjuster that my insurance company hired, and got me the best possible settlement. Also, his initial demand letter and appraisal that was sent to the other driver’s insurance was very well put together, professional, and was delivered very quickly. I’ve already recommended RJ to two other people who have been involved in accidents, and will continue to recommend him to those that need his type of services.

Shernia J.

RJ is great! We had a great experience. With his help and expertise I was able to increase my total loss by $5,000. Very professional. I highly recommend this company!!

Ivy I.

Thank you so much, RJ from Wreck Check Atlanta for helping with my Diminished value Claim. RJ was awesome!!! He provided guidance and advice on how to get the appropriate diminished value on my vehicle. He made the process easy and helped me get the right DV. He assisted me through the whole process and kept me informed in every step of the way. I highly recommend RJ, if you need someone on your side to do you DV claim, call him NOW! You will not regret it😊


RJ was very helpful in helping to justify an adequate settlement for diminished value on my wife's Audi. She was rear-ended and the car had a significant repair bill, but most importantly it was all reported to Carfax, which would drastically decrease the marketability/value of the car. The settlement grew from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Great work, and thank you RJ!

Kaiser M.

RJ at Wreckcheck Atlanta is incredible. He came to me highly recommended from a good friend after my car was stolen. Once it was recovered, my insurance company had it towed to a shop, which gave me an extremely low estimate on the repairs and they offered me about $300 in diminished value. RJ guided me through the entire process, my car feels brand new after repairs that cost about 5x what the insurance company estimated and I just received about $4000 in diminished value once it was all said and done.

John R.

RJ was very professional and helpful with handling my diminished value on 2 cases. He was able to quickly process both cases. Thx RJ

Jason G.

RJ helped me get a fair diminished value after my wreck when my insurance company low-balled me. The insurance company fought every step of the way but he knew the insurance regulations better than they did and ended up educating them. Thank you RJ

Tom R.

RJ is fantastic... Very professional and great results on getting me my highest $$$ for deminished value... ! Thank you Sir !

Doni C.

Thank you Wreck Check Atlanta!!! I am beyond grateful that I was referred to you! I received $3,000 more than I would have without you! I will absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Kathy B.

Wreck Check walked me through the process that seemed overwhelming at first. The professional and timely updates by Mr. Sweeney kept my anxiety level very low. After the umpire received our claim we were awarded 4 times what the insurance company was willing to pay. Thank you Wreck Check!

Bryan T.

Great job I would recommended to anyone in a wreck.

Harish P.

Thank you Wreck Check Atlanta for helping with my Diminished value Claim. RJ was great. He provided guidance and advice on how to get the appropriate diminished value on my vehicle. he is an excellent advisor to have on your side when you dispute a settlement with the insurer. He makes this process easy and helps get you the right value. His fee is reasonable and his documentation is neat.

Alex W.

RJ of Wreck Check Atlanta is THE MAN! My nearly new, 2019 Kia Sorento LX V6 FWD was rear-ended (not my fault). I had yet to even make my first car payment on it. My insurance company, USAA, initially offered me a whopping $523 settlement offer. I reached out to RJ, and through his guidance, and after compiling an extremely thorough 41 page report on his diminished value findings, we settled for $5,000. I had no idea you could even dispute diminished value claims, and I'll be sure to refer him to anyone needing a service like this in the future.

Cassie W.

Thank you Wreck Check Atlanta! When we needed an independent appraisal to challenge insurance company’s offer on a totaled vehicle, RJ was a lifesaver. He assisted us through the process and kept us informed every step of the way. Cannot say enough good things about our experience.

James F.

If you’re reading this, your search is over. RJ is the best and you won’t find a better professional to guide you through the process. His fee is reasonable, his results are incredible. He is well researched, thorough, prompt, and above all, an incredible ally to have on your side of the fight.

Dawnelle S.

RJ was extraordinary! He helped me obtain the appropriate diminished value for my car after the insurance company was going to give me a very small amount. RJ was very thorough and answered any questions I had throughout the process. I highly recommend him!!

Alice E.

RJ was hired for two diminished value cases by me in less than a year, and got me much more money each time than he originally estimated. My insurance company low balled me for each wreck; it didn’t matter if I was at fault or not. I understand that insurance agents receive bonuses for taking advantage of their customers; the less the payout for DIV, the more bonus they receive. I am convinced that RJ totally has my best interest in mind, so I did not hesitate to hire him for the second wreck. I totally recommend RJ with absolutely no reservation for his ability and dedication to his customers.

Mike S.

RJ has been exceptionally professional and knowledgeable in assisting me develop my claim. His follow up has been exceptional and is highly recommended.

Jasmine S.

RJ was GREAT! His prompt replies and willingness to always provide me with advise and guidance throughout the entire process was great! He made this so easy for me! I am very grateful to him for his expertise and patience.

Absolute SunBlock

RJ does great work. He is very responsive and professional. I highly recommend him and his company!

Pamela C.

Had an accident and the "insurance company decided to total the car". It was a 2010 Ford Escape XLT in very good condition. I had just had some air conditioning work done, the drainage ducts flushed, and brand new tires. The insurance company offered me a ridiculous amount. They weren't even close to the comparables they sent me. I asked for pictures from the report and explanations to validate what they saw as deductions. I sent them a letter with a rebuttal from my mechanic, and the settlement amount I was willing to accept. After about three weeks of this they weren't going to budge. So I declined their offer and called RJ, at Wreck Check, he answered the phone, as well as every call after that. He asked me what was going on with the insurance company, and few questions about the car. He gave me his honest opinion and what he thought he could do. After sending me an e-mail, I sent him a very small fee, that was it! Worth every penny! We did everything through emails, and a few phone conversations. RJ made sure I got the e-mails throughout the entire negotiation. In about 3 to 5 days, they agreed to $1,200 more. My only regret was not calling RJ sooner! If you've had an accident, don't waste your time. Just call RJ at Wreck Check, best service! Thank you!!!

Vignesh R.

RJ is the best person for the diminished value claims. He helped a lot to deal with my insurance agent. Just hire him until you get the physical check to your hands RJ would take care. He is available 24/7 to ask about any small query we have. I would definitely recommend RJ.

Aaron A.

Hire this guy!! RJ is good at what he does. He guided me nicely through the process, though he honestly did most everything. My ‘08 Audi S4 Wagon was deemed a total loss, insurance 1st offer was $7300. I called RJ (got his number from google search ), two weeks and $300 later he asked me if I wanted to take a $16,000+taxes offer from progressive! I didn’t know this guy, he didn’t owe me anything. You will know in the first 2 mins of talking to him that he is on your side. 1000% worth it. Thanks RJ

Marc D.

RJ delivered as promised!! He provided prompt replies to all emails and phone calls. Additionally, RJ provided a detailed appraisal as well as excellent guidance and templates for dealing with the insurance companies. In the end I was content with the insurance payment claim eventually negotiated.

God Son

Been a long two months dealing with diminished value with at-fault party insurance and also mine, and RJ couldn't have been more helpful, professional, patient and understanding. We went from the useless insurance company of at-fault party's $340 offer to over $3k in diminished value, almost a 10x. I can't recommend him enough. And being in GA makes it much better as it is a 1st party state, so you can request diminished value from your own insurer if the at-fault is giving you a hard time, like in my case. I have already started recommending RJ to all my friends and family and on social media. Even if your accident was a long time ago, there is a timelimit for you to file DV claim and if within that timelimit, i'm sure RJ can work wonders. Thanks so much and I really wish you all the best and success you deserve for your hardwork and diligency to helping your clients.

Maria V.

I cannot say enough about owner RJ. He was extremely hands on from the beginning, professional, knowledgable and MOST of all CARING!!. My insurance company wanted to low ball me but with his professional knowledge he was able to recover more than I thought I was able and he walked me through the process step by step. I highly recommend his services!. Hands down he is the best.

Yossi B.

Did a great job with my case against State Farm. I strongly recommend!

Shannon M.

Had a great experience. Was able to increase my total loss by 8K. RJ is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend his services.

George L.

My BRAND NEW 2019 F150 was hit while parked before I had even made the first payment. I tried dealing with the insurance company myself and got nowhere. RJ provided all the documents and information necessary to get through the process. RJ guided me with all correspondence, and negotiated on my behalf with the insurance company's adjuster. RJ settled my claim with a settlement that was 325% greater than their original offer! I never write reviews, but the service I received from RJ was phenomenal!

Ahsanul H.

It was nice to work with Mr. RJ. He was handling my case of total loss with AAA. What he did to help me was unbelievable. He did everything possible to get a good deal for me. I don't want to have a total loss anytime soon but if I had to, I am always going to Mr. RJ. Even I am going to recommend Mr. RJ not only for the total loss but also for diminished value. I must say, I found Mr. RJ as a real human being who cares about people rather focusing only in business. Al the best to Wreck Check Atlanta!!! By the way I must add Mr. RJ was available all the time, prompt in reply and you must remember, don't have any stress when you are in good, experience and skilled hand of Mr. RJ!

Trinity K.

RJ was great to work with and truly fought for my claim! Very happy with his response times and what he was able to negotiate for me. 100% recommend

Alin M.

Delivered more than promised. Can't go wrong with that...

Narzarian T.

RJ is definitely the go to guy. My insurance company tried to lowball me with pennies, RJ made sure I got every dollar I deserved for my Diminishing value.

Jai C.

Great experience got my check quick from my insurance. (disclaimer) is gibbing to be a $175 charge well worth it.

Reid H.

I had an Audi with less than 40K miles in great condition, and after a wreck that wasn't my fault and caused $8K of damage, USAA tried to pay me $530!!! Thank God the awesome people at Nalley Luxury Collision gave me RJ's card. He got me $5,600. Super responsive and professional, I couldn't have asked for better!

Angie W.

I am super impressed with RJ's work. He is very professional and very experienced in what he does. Yes, the insurance companies try to undervalue your claim and pay what they deem is suitable but thank God for RJ. I give him a rating of A+++++++! Thank you RJ for your service and your time. I am very pleased with the outcome of my claim. Bless you and may your business continue to grow beyond what you could ever imagine.

RGJ Jurdak

Without RJ, I would have settled for much less on the ACV of our totaled Lexus. My insurance company said ‘no negotiations’ after their first (and final - they said) offer. Well RJ came thru. I was extremely happy with what he was able to get. Had issues with my Insurance adjustor - but I escalated it & received satisfaction + an extra 10 day car rental from his boss. It was the Holiday season & I had a few communication issues with RJ... but the result was A++! Thanks!

Mike C.

I drive a 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser. 258,000 miles and RJ took on the effort to manage the Diminished Value Case for me after I was rear ended. He built an incredible case and managed it until the insurance company settled. He was able to represent me in such a professional way. I believe my settlement was at least 75% larger because of his effort.

Sandy E.

After the back and forth with my own insurance company regarding the value of my vehicle, I decided to look for help online and thankfully I found RJ from Wreck Check Atlanta. I am very satisfied with RJ’s services. Since the initial contact he explained the process and kept me informed of the status of my claim. His fees are reasonable because he works for you and not the insurance company. He is the one to go to when dealing with the insurance companies who just want to low ball you on the value of your vehicle. I Highly recommend him. Thank you RJ!


Definitely recommend RJ for his appraisal services. I got more than double of what statefarm initially offered me before I hired RJ. Well worth the price

Jeremy E.

RJ is very knowledgeable in his profession. He makes sure to explain the entire process and will always respond to your questions. If you need help with the diminished value of your car RJ is the first person you should reach out too.

Leon P.

RJ was superb, from beginning to end. He was patient with me and all of my questions and did all that he said he would do. Would recommend him to anyone. Not a single bad experience.

Barry R.

RJ was extremely communicative the entire time. Amazing job at negotiating with the insurance company. USAA wanted to only pay me $1019 and RJ got that up to $5500. Such a blessing.

Dianne M.

RJ was very helpful. He was always very helpful and answered his phone whenever I called. He provided me with everything that was needed to receive a settlement from the insurance company.

Great Product Music

Hey R.J.!! Justin here to Thank You again!! I normally don't take the time to do reviews but R.J. deserves it. From my first phone call he was so professional, knowledgeable, and direct to the point . He explained the process of what he does step by step and gave me his opinion on what he thought my situation called for. I own a 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE# SUV. It had very little damage from a shopping cart hit to the back bumper. Like a 1,700 claim. So my insurance company Allstate says the claim and damage don't warrant any diminished value , Well R.J. told me no way hire me and I promise you I will get a few thousand dollars in diminished Value. So glad I hired R.J. at such a reasonable fee , because as soon as I hired R.J. he sent Allstate his detailed report of what he thought I deserved and why. Immediately Allstate counters back with a $1,700 offer, R.J. said don't take it as it was not enough, then Allstate had to hire there own D.V. appraiser ... R.J. & Allstate's appraiser talked and exchanged opinions and like a week later there offer came up to $4,500. Needless to say I was Happy and I owe it all to R.J... I am recommending him to all friends and family who have accidents , because these insurance company's will always try to take advantage of you. I just wish I would have known about R.J. sooner with all the fender benders over the last few years..LOL !!

Lisa M.

RJ was exceptional throughout the entire process. The insurance company was unwilling to budge on their appraisal at first, but after RJ's report and constant negotiations with their appraiser, he got us over four thousand more dollars! He was available and helpful with all of our questions and always provided us with great advice. I highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta to make sure you get the amount owed to you for your vehicle.

Iratda T.

This was my first time I filed for a diminished value claim and was skeptical at first. RJ was wonderful and highly experienced, he made the process easier for me. Whenever I had trouble he readily assisted me. Though it took longer than normal to get everything processed and approved I am still a satisfied customer. Thank you once again!

Joan S.

I spoke with several companies before chosing RJ. He was the most knowledgable and qualified to appeal my diminished value loss settlement. I am pleased and grateful for the large settlement he obtained for me. I would not hesitate to use him again if needed.


RJ was professional, courteous, detail oriented, and attentive. His turn-around time was. I will use his service if I need it again

Alisha S.

RJ is amazing at what he does. He is helpful and quick to respond to questions and concerns. I received my DIV much sooner than expected.

Jared M.

RJ Sweeney went above and beyond while helping with our diminished value claim! We ended up settling close to double what the initial offer from insurance was. I would highly recommend his services

Dave F.

RJ did a great job. I have a 2019 lamborghini huracan that was hit by a driver that came in my lane and damaged my car. I contacted Wreck Check and RJ jumped right on it. He did all the research and came up with the diminished value. He dealt with the insurance company consultant and I was able to get more than I thought I was going to get in the beginning of the process. He is a great advocate. I would highly recommend Wreck Check


RJ is the real deal. He responded very quickly to my email and the cost was very reasonable. I was able to quickly get to a positive resolution with my insurance company for my diminished value claim. I would recommend his service.

Floyd B.

RJ is the man. My car was in a wreck in 2009. It was “repaired” and returned to me back then. Fast forward 10 years, I took my car in to a local bodyshop to do some unrelated work. The bodyshop examined the far and discovered that the repairs were fraudulent. I called my insurance company company and they agreed to revisit the claim. They decided to write my car off as a loss. They offered me a measly $6000. That is when My bodyshop, Osborne Bodyworks, suggested that I should hire an appraiser. That is when I started Googling and found this page, like YOU(if you’re reading this, you’re in good hands). I called RJ after reading the reviews. He appraised my car as of the rightful day of the loss(may 2009). To make an already long story short, Liberty a Mutual agreed with his assessment and paid me for the value of my cars, as if we’re 2009. They paid me over $24,000. Thanks in part to RJ and the Bodyshop where I took my car in for an unrelated matter.

Tekerra Y.

Rj was absolutely amazing I was uneasy initially because it was such a horrible process dealing with the insurance company however Rj made the process easy. He answered all my questions quickly , followed up often , offered advice and was able to get me almost 10 times what was originally offered . Thanks so much again!

Todd M.

Well worth the small investment. Great to have RJ in your corner when the insurance company isn't willing to work with you on their low ball offer/valuation. We picked up a additional 30% above my insurance companies offer. That's real money!! I am completely satisfied!! Thank you for being there RJ!! Consumer Advocate for sure

Shervin B.

RJ was very professional and simplified the process of getting what the insurance company owed me.

Daniel C.

WOW! That is one way of describing my experience here. I contacted RJ since I was worried I was being low balled by the insurance company(which I was), he quickly took notice and created a game plan for how we were going to handle this problem. The insurance company told me that my diminished value was only worth $700 but they would round it up to $1000. After RJ took matters into his own hands the insurance company settled for $6,655! He keeps you updated on what is going on and his instructions are very clear and easy to follow. 100% recommend and hopefully I never need this kind of service again but if I do I will surely bring my business to RJ. Thanks again!


Very responsive. Helped guide us thru the entire process. Would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone.

Michael C.

RJ with Wreck Check Atlanta was nothing short of phenomenal. He kept me informed throughout the entire process on what was happening, what the next steps were, and what his recommendations were. My insurance company low balled me with an offer for approximately 17K on the total loss of my automobile. After several weeks of negotiating and standing our ground, RJ was able to get me a final offer of approximately $25K! That’s almost a $10K difference from what I would have taken if I would have accepted what my insurance claimed the value of my car was! I would recommend this company and RJ to anyone who has to deal with their insurance company on a total loss, even if you feel it’s fair. Going forward, hoping it never happens again, I will always invoke the Appraisal Clause and immediately contact Wreck Check Atlanta and RJ for assistance. Again, thank you for everything!

Somphet B.

RJ is super knowledgeable. He is someone you want fighting for you. I am in the process of getting help from him and he already has 5 stars with me due to all the help he has given me . Thank you! So glad I found you!

Pranay R.

I had a great experience working with RJ. He delivered on his promise. I was initially skeptic as all the conversations just happened on phone and I actually never met RJ. I am glad I chose him over others. Detailed report on my case ; keeping me up to date with case progress and recommending what needs to be done , just about everything was taken care off. I would recommend him to anyone.

Daphne I.

I’m a very satisfied customer. Mr RJ Sweeney of Wreck Check Atlanta negotiated a settlement of 425% of the original Diminished Value offer that my insurance company made. The final amount was also $1000 more than his original estimate. The best part was that I was pretty much hands-off through the entire process. Once I completed Wreck Check’s online questionnaire and submitted some photos, RJ took over and handled the negotiation process with my insurance company. RJ offers a service that is very reasonably priced and takes the stress of back-and-forth negotiation off your shoulders. If you are even considering filing a DV claim, call RJ and see what he has to say. The only thing you have to lose is 10 minutes of your time.

Myrtle H.

Hello to everyone who is reading this review. You are definitely on the right site. RJ is worth your time, and money. He worked with me all the way through my claim process. He was available whenever I called. I found him to be a very kind and patient person. He always informed and instructed me on what was to be next. He took initiative in getting the needed information to me, and the insurance adjuster. And in the end, I have to say I'm satisfied with the settlement. I really appreciated the work he did in helping me to receive the respectable amount I deserved. And I'm happy I chose Wreck Check.

Lijun C.

If you have a Diminished Value case against the insurance company, look no further, hire RJ! He will get your money back for you! I found him from a post on Nextdoor. I called him and within minutes after I told him some information about my car and the damage, he already could tell me how much he could get back for me. Like a miracle, that IS the amount he got back for me, which is more than double the insurance company originally offered!!! He put in a lot of effort to solve my case, and his knowledge in this field is super impressive! Thank you RJ, and I will recommend you to all my friends!

Daniel M.

RJ was highly effective and professional. He turned a $1,000 opening offer into over $8,000 on my diminished value claim against USAA.


RJ absolutely a great person to work with and made things feel pretty easy. He had everything very detailed out and done in time.I will definitely recommend him for any of his services and he pricing is also very affordable !

Jennifer H.

Exemplary service has made me a customer of “Wreck Check Atlanta” for life! RJ Sweeney (RJ) stuck with me through three (3) long grueling months as my insurance company tried every unprofessional, unethical, and prejudicial tactic to not pay diminished value (DV) on my 2010 Honda pilot. From the start they wanted to pay zero dollars for my vehicle, and advised that I get my own appraiser to evaluate my vehicle because they do not pay DV for vehicles with over 200,000 miles. Saying “Thank you” to RJ is in no way enough for the amount of work he put in for only $275. I have never experienced such “exemplary customer service” as displayed by RJ who was always available by email and telephone. My insurance company finally agreed to $2,000 settlement for DV after switching appraisers on us, rejected a list of twelve (12) Umpires submitted by RJ, and complaints written against them and their unprofessional and prejudicial appraisers. RJ stuck with me through the whole process up to and going beyond the scope of his responsibility by also putting me in touch with an experienced attorney in DV claims for a free consultation as my situation was unique, and the insurance company was using every immoral means possible to not pay. I am highly advising if you’re ever in a wreck and need an appraiser RJ Sweeney is your man! Wreck Check Atlanta will see you through from beginning all the way to the end with a level of service superior to any I have ever experienced.

William M.

I cannot say enough for all the help and guidance RJ provided me with my insurance dispute. He really understands autos and more importantly the insurance industry. Thanks to RJ my settlement frown turned into huge smile.

Brad T.

RJ and his team are attention to every detail and work very hard to make sure you are compensated for the diminished value you are owed. I strongly recommend him and his services they are very thorough from appraisal to demand letter at very affordable price. I would give 10 stars if possible. If you need help getting what you deserve from insurance companies contact RJ with Wreck Check Atlanta you will be glad you did

Vanessa S.

I want to say I had a diminished value claim against an insurance company who offered me $500 to settle my claim on a 2017 Nissan Altima when itell RJ knows his stuff he said that's not acceptable and we turned down the offer I got a call from RJ the next day and said would you accept a much higher settlement and I was so happy he is very knowledgeable and he can handle a diminished value for me anytime and I highly recommend him at look him up at Wreck Check of Atlanta I promise you you won't regret it and he fee is reasonable for what he can do he guided me all the way through he the best

Rebecca L.

Fantastic to work with was very helpful in pressing my claim with my insurer .RJ is highly qualified in his field of expertise . Highly recommend his services.

Collision Connections

RJ is amazing and definitely the real deal. The insurance company only wanted to give me $1100. RJ insisted that I go to distance, pay the extra money and get an umpire. Well I took his advice and did just that. The umpire stepped in and stood by RJ's diminished Value report. $10,000 is what the insurance company now has to pay me. Thanks RJ

Maria M.

RJ was really professional and helpful thorough the entire process. RJ was always honest of the likely outcome of payout & when to expect it. 24/7 always updates either phone calls or emails. He help get $10,000 vs $1600 it’s was a very long and stressful process do to insurance issues but he help me all the way until I got my check .Thank you so much for everything RJ.

Alex S.

Excellent work and great advice, very knowledgeable

Ky J.

Was very thorough about the process. Didn't give any bogus expectations but kept it professional & honest as possible of the likely outcome of payout & when to expect it. Returned phone calls in a timely manner. Coached you through the whole process 😎👍🏽

Betty S.

RJ made this process so painless for me that I kept waiting for the catch. There was no catch. He is very diligent, kind, and always available to answer any questions. He was able to have my insurance company pay $4,600 over the $730 they wanted to pay. Needless to say... well worth the cost. Thank you RJ!

Kim W.

RJ was so helpful in working with the insurance company's appraiser and ultimately the umpire. I'm very please with his work and he actually contributed to me getting MORE than I had originally asked from the insurance company which they declined and was why I reached out to him.


Best service. Rj did everything more than we expected. Was always available to answer any questions. I will highly recommend him to anyone.

Mehrdad S.

FIVE STAR SERVICE! I knew what my insurance company was offering was not enough to settle my claim. After weeks of back and forth they suggested if I wasn't happy I get an appraiser. I hired one that was worthless and only charged to give me comparables. Mr. Sweeney at WreckCheck Atlanta went above and beyond and I ended up with nearly $5000 more than what I could get on my own. Thank you!

Anish P.

Having the diminished value claim done with RJ has really been excellent. RJ has provided a great service for me with all the paper work & prompt reply giving all the details what all is required. Will surely refer him for anybody if required.

Eric L.

I would highly recommend RJ and his services. He responds quickly and he had excellent advice. My initial offer for diminished value was $400 from the at fault parties insurance company. With the help of RJ and his advice I was able to negotiate $2900. I may have been able to get more by following RJ’s advice and go though small claims court but I made a decision that my time was more valuable. His services are excellent to make sure you know what you deserve and he provides excellent proof that you can refer to in your efforts to negotiate a settlement.

Chris C.

RJ is the person you hire after you get into a wreck and the insurance gives you a low offer for current value. Allstate said my vehicle was worth $20,400. RJ ended up getting that number up to $23,178. Not only does he help get more money you he also charges $275 for his services when other companies charge $400. He will fight for you. I hope im not in this position again but if i am. I will be using wreck check. Thanks again.


I am really selective on who I deal with. However, I must admit, this guy is on top of things. He has been more than responsive and has been extremely helpful to us. If you are dealing alone with these insurance companies about your auto losses, don't do it alone. Get RJ on your side. THANK YOU RJ for helping us out!

Suman S.

RJ provided the best paper work for my diminished value claim which made things fast and easy. Well worth the cost. Always available for any questions. Never hesitated to help and I highly recommend.

Mark H.

RJ was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and responsive. I would highly reccommend him.

Timothy W.

I would like to say I highly recommend RJ. The first time I used him a was a little skeptical because I had found this business online and I know it’s hard to trust people online but after researching his business on bbb I decided to hire him. My insurance company geico only wanted to offer me $750.00 On my diminished value. There last offer was $1,500. RJ got me back $3,500.00 from hitting my first deer. On my second wreck hitting a deer the most my insurance company wanted to offer was $1,000 RJ informed me that I should higher an umpire at this time in which I did and RJ seen that I got back $3,000.00. He actually cares about his customers and gets back way more than an insurance company is willing to pay. Always remember your insurance company always wants there payment but when it comes to paying out they will try and prolong it and get out of paying you any way they can and will always try to low ball you because most people don’t know what there actually entitled to and I’m glad someone like RJ has a business doing what he does!!!


Very knowledgeable and professional. The process went very smoothly. Got 18% more than originally offered on total loss claim. Would definitely use RJ again.

Gege M.

RJ was absolutely amazing during this process. I was a bit nervous about the entire process at first, as I didn't know much about it, but once I spoke with RJ he helped tremendously. Before I even hired him for his services he sent me information, gave me an idea of the process, and he even answered in depth questions I had about everything. RJ was never pushy nor did he insist that he was my best option he just gave me information which helped me make an informed decision. I submitted the preliminary information to him and the quote he gave me of what he believed he could get me was exactly what I received. I HIGHLY recommend his services. If you are looking for honest representation then please don't waste your money anywhere else Wreck Check Atlanta is the best option.

Shawn H.

RJ is efficient, professional, and accessible just to name a few. He understands the laws surrounding Diminished Value and will not be pushed around. RJ assisted me until the very end. I greatly appreciated his assistance and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance with diminished value. When the insurance company tried to back door me I immediately reached out to him and he represented me until the very end. RJ is highly respected in the industry and should be your first point of contact with any diminished value claim. I can not say thank you enough.


RJ is very helpful. I was not at fault, but the other parties Ins Co. was not willing to pay more than $200 for diminished value. When this is the case you have to take them to Small Claims Ct which may be a pain but gives you equal rights in court. I tried my insurance company and they said it would end up under my policy's "appraisal clause" and my deductible applies. (By the way the Ins. Cos. write their "appraisal clauses so that you are basically screwed trying to go after DV. no right to courts, etc. ) If you go that route you are at your Ins. Co mercy. I did go that route only because my Ins. Co. appraiser was willing to meet me half way between his and RJ's diminished values. So in the end was RJ worth it? YES I got 12 times the at fault party Ins offer.

Mark D.

RJ was great helped me through the process. I know i honestly would not have been able to handle my diminution in value claim without his expertise! Thanks wreck check!

Sreekanth S.

RJ has been awesome helping me get the right price for my total loss vehicle. I got 10 times more value compared to what I paid him. Thank you RJ!

Andrea B.

RJ's services were money well spent!! I was offered a very low diminished value offer by the insurance company for the person who rear ended my car. Never having been through this situation I knew I needed help in order to get what was fair for the lowered value of my car after being in an accident. RJ laid out the steps and provided all the needed evidence/research for my claim. He was extremely responsive when I had questions as I went back and forth with the insurance company. If this situation presented again, I would use RJ in a heartbeat and would recommend him to friends and family who might find themselves in a similar situation.

John L.

Great service, and very professional.

Roger L.

RJ was the best. From the moment I contacted him, he guided me each step of the way. Each step of the process was EXACTLY as he said it was. He assisted me in what to say to insurance company USAA. He was there each time I called him and was easy to contact. I would NEVER consider using anyone else but Wreck Check and RJ. Thank you RJ

Masrur A.

Fantastic work from Rj! Very professional and always available to answer any questions! Negotiated on behalf of me and I am extremely happy with the final settlement! Thank you Rj

Joseph H.

After being screwed over by another person that just took my money, he made me feel comfortable to trust him. and he was fast and got me what I deserved.

Rubel K.

RJ is very sincere, experienced and awesome in his profession. I knows every angle of this profession. He helped me end up getting 3 times more than insurance offered me the diminished value of my car. He is very responsive. He was even available on Weekend. It was really a right decision for me to hire him. I recommend him if any one need a diminish value appraiser. He keeps his world.

Gary F.

RJ helped get me $3100 more than Geico offered for a diminished value claim. He was incredibly professional and he is very smart- his analysis will get you a lot more money!! Thanks RJ!

Michelle F.

There are many DV firms to choose from. It's hard to tell them apart but RJ sets himself apart with professionalism, knowledge, communication and working expeditiously to ensure that our claim was settled equitably. He explained the process upfront and what I saw was consistent with his explanation. There were no surprises or gotchas.

Robin G.

RJ is very methodical and calculated in his process of winning the most fair amount of diminished value for your car! He assures you and gives you options at every step of the way. The small investment you make upfront with RJ's fee is well worth it in the end. I was awarded $2,000+ for the lost value of my car! Thank you for your patience RJ! Oh yea! Folks, the process could turn into 2 months. Just stay with it and learn from what RJ tells you. Don't let YOUR insurance or THEIR insurance give you the runaround. BE FIRM!

Ting L.

RJ is Amazing!! He got me more than the insurance company offered and always responsive till my case is close. I highly recommend this service! Even while I was on vacation, he brought me the good news of getting me more money ! Thank you RJ

Kuwala C.

I really don't know where to start . Mr Sweeney is so professional and knowledgeable of his job . My son had an accident December 2017 . The insurance company just kept giving me the run around . I called Mr Sweeney which explaining my issue . He didn't hesitate at all to help me . Mr Sweeney went step by step with me and explained what needed to be done . He actually negotiated with my insurance company Progressive on my behalf and got my diminish value . I will always and forever promote his business to everyone I know . Mr Sweeney I just want to thank you again for all your hard work you did for me . You are truly a blessing . I will always keep in touch just to say hello .

Terrence W.

I had a car accident in my 2013 Honda Civic. After doing my research on my car worth, my insurance company "You In Good Hands" only offered me $8,329. not at all willing to work with me. After finding a car appraiser company and speaking to RJ Sweeney, $275 dollars later he got me back $10324.08 do the math people!!! Trust me!! This dude the truth.. THANKS RJ

Maddie A.

Excellent service!! He was very professional and helped me fight a very difficult insurance company! Thank you so much for your incredible service!!

Jonathan K.

RJ Sweeney turned a low bal $302 offer from Geico to a $9500 check! My truck was stolen and when I got it back it needed extensive repairs. After more than $16000 in repairs and 4 months of me not having my truck I refused to accept Geico’s diminished value estimate of $302. Honestly I thought would be more like 2500-3000 and RJ got me 3 times that amount. He was very responsive and helpful the whole process. Do yourself a favor and call RJ Sweeney if you had any accident or damage to your vehicle that would entitle you to diminished value.

Phillip M.

RJ (Mr.Sweeney) was knowledgeable and expressive in regards to the diminished value process and reasoning. My insurance company had actually gotten me on this once before due to my lack of knowledge and research. This time I spoke with a couple of others prior to reaching RJ. He really stood out and provided exceptional support, responsiveness, documentation, direction ,communication, and closure. I would highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta (Mr. RJ Sweeney) to anyone requiring diminished value assistance. I believe the value vs effort to be exceptional as well.

Paras R.

RJ is Awesome! He got me 10x what the insurance company offered on a 2 year old accident. Also, I traded the car in 7 months ago so I no longer had it. If I could share this experience with every person I see I would. I’ve already told several family and friends, it’s really just unbelievable to me! If you have any question what so ever, I promise his fee will be the best $275 you’ll ever spend!!

Walter H.

Everyone that have damage in a accident needs someone like Mr. Sweeney and his company to serve as their advocate. He helped me and my wife when the insurance company low ball us. We ended up going to an umpire, and Mr. Sweeney was with us all the way and helped us get six times more that the insurance company first offered. I will always use him and his company and tell all my friends to do the same.

Justin L.

RJ was courteous, professional, and honest. He did a great job getting me a true diminished value. You can trust Wreck Check Atlanta. Thanks again RJ.


My insurance company totaled my car even though it was still drivable and low-balled me on my settlement. Mr. Sweeney got $1600 more! I am so glad I found him. He is the best!

Kaitlyn P.

Highly recommend RJ and this amazing service!! This was my first time being in a wreck and having to deal with negotiating with another’s auto insurance company. At first, I thought I could deal and negotiate on my own, but after just a few actions and statements made by the insurance company, I knew I needed an expert’s help. RJ was great from the beginning! He was available at any time and was always prompt in returning all emails and phone calls. I could tell right away he was knowledgeable, professional, and providing great customer service & getting the diminished value I deserved was his top priority! He followed through with every task outlined in our contract without hesitation. Without his help, I would have taken a HUGE loss in the value of my car, for a fender bender that was no fault of my own.

Constanthino M.

I worked successfully with RJ during this stressful time to get the diminished value of my vehicle, I highly recommend this service for price and efficiency, He always replied in a timely manner to emails and communication and He qas very thorough and professional and guided me through the entire process. I can’t thank Mr Sweeney enough for his professionalism and advocating on my behalf during the process with the insurance company. Keep it RJ you are the best!

Sophie H.

RJ is very responsive and very hands on in the process of diminished value payment. Will highly recommend him


I found Wreck Check purely by luck searching the web for someone with experience dealing in total loss claim. I was lucky and glad to have I connected with RJ at Wreck Check. The whole engagement met my expectations at all levels. The cost of service was fair. The interaction via phone, email or text was prompt and efficient. And more importantly, the return on investment paid off handsomely in a much improved offer. RJ did go extra mile in working over the weekend to complete the assessment and helping me with expediting the settlement process. Sometimes you second guess the decision and want to go with a low ball offer. RJ was very good at articulating the ACV of my car and confident in stating that we need to wait. I am so glad we did. Great small business which relies on word of mouth and I am definitely a satisfied customer who can vouch for them. Thank you RJ.

Lance S.

if you have a diminished value claim i would highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta. RJ was very helpful from start to finish . RJ kept us udpdated through out the process.

Darrien J.

Mr. Sweeney was very responsive and everything he outlined in his initial e-mail was exactly how everything worked out. Your insurance company, or the third party’s insurance company, is definitely low balling you. The quality diminished value report provided by Mr. Sweeney helps level the playing field and he will assist you with the negotiation process as well. You have someone on your side when you use his services. The entire process took less than 30 days to agree to an amount I felt was acceptable. I would not hesitate to use, or recommend, his services again.


Consider yourself lucky to do business with RJ. He is the best, professional and always responds to phone calls or emails. I highly recommend him and will do business with him again.

Jassy T.

RJ is phenomenal. Very professional and available at all hours of the day to answer questions. He was able to get my total loss claim to increase by roughly 7 thousand dollars. Highly recommend, well worth the cost.

Brooks B.

RJ Said He Would Get Me Quickly 4-5 Thousand dollars for the Diminish Value of my Lexus when a Moron Hit me, 2 Weeks Later 4250.00. Professional, Quick and Honest Highly RECOMENDED

Duarte H.

I highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta! RJ was extremely efficient and committed every step of the way. His professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. I would definitely utilize his services again if needed. RJ is the best!

GQ Life

I had an absolutely wonderful experience of having RJ at Wreck Check Atlanta represent me for a total loss claim on my vehicle. RJ’s valuation/assessment on my vehicle and diligent service directly led to me recovering more than DOUBLE the insurance company’s initial offer. I am truly thankful for RJ’s courteous, diligent, and knowledgeable service as it had such a pronounced financial impact in the difficult situation of dealing with a total loss claim. RJ guided me through the process in a very careful and thorough manner, he provided me with the appropriate documentation and information to communicate with the insurance company and he was always prompt in answering any questions I asked. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend RJ and Wrech Check Atlanta for any insurance claim and vehicle valuation/assessment as his service is absolutely terrific, effective and superb!!!


I can not say enough GREAT things about Wreck Check Atlanta and RJ Sweeney. He is very professional and super knowledgeable, an expert in his field. If you are involved in a car accident you should without a doubt hire Wreck Check Atlanta to do a diminished value report and I highly recommend having him do an inspection of repairs completed as well. After 3 months of car repairs at a well-known chain collision center in Alpharetta GA. a relative suggested I have my vehicle inspected and get a diminished value report. This way I would have some idea as to what I should receive in diminished value for my vehicle. I spoke to several companies that do this type of work, however after just one conversation, Mr. Sweeney’s knowledge, credentials and professionalism spoke volumes above the other people I spoke with. Upon receiving Mr. Sweeney’s report, to my shock my car had been returned to me with improper repairs to the point that it was considered unsafe to drive. His report was extremely detailed and thorough. Long story short… after receiving Mr Sweeney's report the insurance company agrees my car was improperly repaired and has agreed to purchase and total my vehicle. Had it not been for Mr. Sweeney’s meticulous inspection and expert knowledge I would be driving an unsafe vehicle that could have potentially cost me or someone else serious harm. THANK YOU again RJ for doing what you do and for working for people who are at the mercy of the insurance company’s and the honesty of the repair shops they send us to. I would never have known how unsafe my car was without your expertise.

Kris V

Absolutely the best experience! RJ was so professional, detailed, and helpful in assisting us with the diminished value of our vehicle. He provided all the information for us to mail to the insurance company. We were originally offered a low amount, but with RJ’s assistance and informative reply, we were offered almost four times the amount than what was originally quoted from the insurance! Thank you again RJ!

Genon J.

I never understood the process of diminished value. When I started working with the appraiser (RJ Sweeney) I thought that it was initially a waste of time. With his kind and direct approach, he guided me through the process, was very patient with my tantrums (🙂) and educated me on insurance companies and how diminished value works. I would recommend him to anyone needing someone to fight for their car's value. Thank you Wreck Check Atlanta!

Briel W.

He has been very professional and works hard to advocate for his customers. I was originally lowballed immediately through my insurance company, but in the end, he worked hard to get a very decent amount. My mother and I appreciate all that you have done and you will be highly recommended! Thanks again.

Justin M.

Nothing short of expeditionary service. RJ fights for the consumer to get back what the insurance companies rightfully owe their clients. His service is a no brainer. Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table, call RJ and get what’s yours.

Tracy F.

I cannot say enough great things about RJ. He was very understanding of our situation and extremely helpful. If you are looking for great customer service and someone to go above and beyond he is a one stop shop, from beginning to end. Thanks again.

Bob W.

Without the help of Mr. Sweeney I would have been totally ripped off by my auto insurance company. My BMW Z4 was totaled by a tree falling on it in a storm. My insurance company gave me the runaround for 8 weeks with a super lowball settlement offer. Within 12 days of contacting Mr. Sweeney the insurance company came around to OUR way of thinking a settled my claim.....for nearly 40% MORE than they had been offering me!!! Thank you so much Mr. Sweeney!!!

Chris F.

I can't imagine a more painful battle that fighting with you insurance company over the value of your car. RJ really helped level the playing field and the result was a substantial increase in what the company ultimately offered.

Miguel V.

I have been meaning to write this review for some time. RJ was amazing handling my diminished value claims(yes plural). I had an accident on my vehicle a couple of years earlier and the insurance company had lowballed me on my diminished value...when they tried to do it again a second time I got RJ to evaluate both cases and prepare two reports. The result was settlements that more than covered my cost of hiring him! In fact my two checks were about 8 times his fees. So if you are wondering if this is money well spent to have someone advocate for you with the insurance companies the answer is a resounding YES!!!! Don't ever go it alone...the insurance companies are all about keeping as much money from you as possible.


RJ Sweeney is a true professional who is an advocate for his customers. I am submitting this recommendation on behalf of my mother A W Miles. She is appreciative of Mr. Sweeney's hard work and successful result. She found him to be extremely knowledgeable and a man of his word. After the accident, RJ submitted a detailed appraisal for my mother's luxury car, to the insurance company. The appraisal showed the car's decreased value as the result of the accident. He took the lead in communicating with the insurance company. He spoke their language, which resulted in an increase in their diminished value offer. My mother is 100% satisfied with RJ Sweeney's performance and his high level of customer service. She recommends him highly to all who are in need of a strong diminished value advocate.

Anu S.

RJ helped me with my insurance claim and represented me well. He selected the right appraisers and made my case throughly and professionally, resulting in a higher payout than what the insurance company had offered. I would highly recommend his services.

Char C.

R J was so professional and quick with getting everything settled with more than expected. I would have gave him 10 stars if I could. Definitely will be referring him whenever needed.

Papa P

Mr. Sweeney is very professional and concerned, I personally didn't work with Mr. Sweeney but I have seen my friend work with RJ on his Diminished Value process, RJ Sweeney worked wisely with his high professional experience has got 4 times the money my friend was expecting for his diminished value process.

Surao A.

I can't say enough good things about RJ. RJ is a professional that was honest, informative and extremely knowledgeable in his line if work. He has a lot of experience in this field. He is very concerned about customer and works the best. I highly recommend Wreck Check Atlanta. Thank you RJ.

Justin P.

So after calling state farm and demanding payment for the lost value on my vehicle, the claim rep basically laughed and said I'd have to prove how my vehicle had lost its value! The rep told me to go fly a kite and refused to provide any tips or help on what they meant by "proof". I didn't know what to do and I figured it was going to be more work that it was worth, but I still researched the topic to see what I could find. Came across Diminished Value of Georgia first, so I filled out their free quote thing and it seemed that they cared more about a payment than anything else. I then researched some reviews and came across wreck check atlanta. I requested a quote with them and heard back almost immediately. Given their reviews, website, and response from the quote request, I got a pretty good feeling about moving forward with business. I communicated with RJ Sweeney, who is very thorough and detailed with his instructions. Within 3 days of sending Mr Sweeney the details, I received a letter and a 51 page appraisal report tailored specifically to my vehicle and the circumstances behind the value loss! I was very impressed with the presentation of the report and how professional it looks. I'd have to say that I'm glad I chose this company over the others because of how smooth and easy the process was. Now I'm looking forward to sticking it to state farm for trying to mess with my money. Thanks for the help wreck check atlanta!

Niranjan A.

Excellent service!! definitely recommended

Deana R.

I cannot thank Mr. Sweeney enough for his professionalism and for advocating on my behalf during the independent appraisal process. The insurance company hired one of the most difficult to deal with “independent” appraisers to represent them. Still, Mr. Sweeney managed to negotiate even under such tough circumstances and, through his knowledge and experience, he got for me a better deal than initially offered by the insurance company. He was always available, responding immediately to my phone and email inquiries and constantly updating me. I highly recommend him for his dedicated work for his clients. Thank you, Mr. Sweeney!

Jim L.

I highly recommend the services of Wreck Check Atlanta. Working with RJ was a great experience and with his services we were able to get more than 3 times the amount offered for the diminished value by the insurance company of the person that damaged my wife’s SUV. Thanks again RJ for all your help.

Kim B.

Wreck Check negotiated $6,000 for me, twelve times what GEICO originally paid me ($500) and six times their first offer of $1,000 after they received the diminished value claim/estimate from Wreck Check !! We went through several iterations including obtaining an umpire. RJ did a fantastic job. I asked a lot of questions, too many, but he remained professional and patient. Beware of Diminished Value of Georgia and potentially others who also do work for the insurance companies. RJ does no work for the insurance companies. I initially obtained an estimate from Diminished Value of Georgia of $3, 600 (versus RJ estimate of $12,000). I learned that Diminished Value of Georgia does a ton of work for insurance companies, including GEICO. I believe this is a clear conflict of interest and really unethical. In my research, I also learned that the negotiated amount typically ends up at about half of the estimate from diminished value companies. So if I had gone with this Diminished Value of Georgia, I may have received only about $1,800, but clearly no more than $3,600. But again, with Wreck Check I ended up receiving $6,000!!! I highly, highly recommend Wreck Check!!!

Greenhouse Fitness

Great Business RJ Provided From Following Up WIth Me As Well As The Other Parties Appraisers, I Would Recommend Him To Work With Before Anyone Else Thanks Again Buddy!

Karen M.

I work in the industry and my insurance company STILL tried to low-ball me and settle my diminished value claim for $100. I knew that their offer was nonsense and my dealership recommended RJ/Wreck Check to me. With RJ's help, my offer got up from $100.00 into the thousands. He is very clear about the process and what to expect and is VERY responsive. He answered the phone every time I called; answered all emails promptly and I was aware of all the communication being done on my behalf. An awesome investment with a fabulous return. Worth every dime.

Jordan T.

Absolutely awesome to work with, made the process painless and easy every step of the way. Recieved over double of the original estimate from insurance Can not recommend enough!

Jeremy J.

RJ was great to deal with and expedited the entire process.. Thanks again!

Kolby B.

Well worth it. Glad I hired him.

Andrew F.

Very efficient and customer service is excellent. Satisfied customer!!!

K Johns

Very thorough. Awesome job. Highly recommended!

Jack W.

I 100% recommend wreck check Atlanta. I spent $250 and winded up getting an extra 2 grand from my insurance company because of wreck check, talk about an exceptional value for money!

Timothy M.

Absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Ended up getting more than double the insurance company's original offer for my totaled vehicle, and was extremely helpful with helping me to get results when the insurance company stopped communicating. The price was more than worth it just for the peace of mind of having someone that knows their way around the industry helping. RJ was fantastic to do business with and was very open about his pricing and expectations from the start, I can't recommend working with him enough.

Joe S.

RJ was very helpful in the whole process and did a great of job of getting a resolution to my claim. I did not have to do anything, he did it all.

Tonya L.

Excellent communicator with extensive knowledge that helped me go from a $2,000.00 offer to a mediated $11,000.00. Well worth what he charges.

Shopping AM

I had contacted other diminished value independent appraisers and was under the impression that they were all on the insurance company's side until I contacted RJ Sweeney. RJ explained the process in detail and helped on every step of the way to get me almost double of the diminished value offered by my insurance firm. I can't recollect a single moment when I tried reaching out to him and he didn't respond. As a matter of fact he handled my case even while he was away for vacation. I rarely find professionals like RJ that are not just good at what they do but also extremely responsive. I HIGHLY recommend him and believe he deserves to get business from everyone that is looking to get the right diminished value of their vehicle. Thank you so much RJ for all your efforts! You are the BEST!

Zachery J.

The customer service was OUTSTANDING!. He kept me informed and did all the negotiations for me. His price is reasonable and is well worth it. He was able to get more than 32% above what the insurance company offered me for my totaled vehicle. He was prompt and always there to answer any questions. I will refer my family and friends to Mr. Sweeney for anything involving vehicle appraisal. Trust me folks the insurance companies will lowball you and you will need a someone like MR. Sweeney’s on your side to get you a fair settlement for your totaled or diminished value vehicle.. THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. TRUST ME! Thanks again Mr.Sweeney!!!!

Jacquie E.

Very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I’ve used Wreck Check Atlanta over the past several months regarding diminished value for my vehicle. Insurance companies were having a field day with my claims. RJ’s Knowledge, professionalism, and integrity got me through the rough patches and put me in position for recovery of the loss value of my vehicle. Thanks Wreck Check.

M and C Gaming

RJ is a magician! He got me 6x what the insurance company offered on a 2 year old accident. Also, I traded the car in 7 months ago so I no longer had it. If I could share this experience with every person I see I would. I’ve already told several family and friends, it’s really just unbelievable to me! If you have any question what so ever, I promise his fee will be the best $275 you’ll ever spend!!

Michael Z.

My insurance claim that I filed was estimated a way lower payout than what I expected. I googled insurance appraisers after finding out I could have the vehicle appraised and this was the first company that came up. I called RJ and he was very helpful and informative and actually sounded like he wanted to help me. He always replied to my emails and communicated in a timely manner. The process ended up drawing out when I received my settlement but not at all because of him or wreck check. Solely because of insurance and their appraiser. In the end I received a few thousand more than what they were originally going to pay out. Definitely worth every penny.


RJ is very personable and responsive to phone calls. He has a desire to build his business the right way by developing good long-term professional relationships with his clients.

Mohit R.

I contacted him for a second opinion for my car's diminished value and it was worth the time and money. I received almost 3 times the value what insurance company was initially offering. i would definitely recommend everyone to get a second opinion from RJ (Wreck Check Atlanta) for diminished value appraisal.

Mellania B.

Like another reviewer said, I took a chance and it was well worth it!! Mr. Sweeney is extremely professional, calm, and patient. He did not avoid my calls, answered ALL of my questions and put my mind at ease. I never had to call for a status update, he was always one step ahead. Mr. Sweeney is the professional you need when dealing with these crooked insurance companies that try to get over on their customers. If I was ever in this situation again (hopefully never again) I have Mr. Sweeney saved as my go to expert. Thank you so much for your help!!

Loi N.

Mr.RJ was best appraisal! I was afraid to pay the fee before the process! But after that i was real happy with his help! He showed me any detail how to handle the case, answer the claim agent,... my value went from 1500$(expected) to 3100$! AMazing Right? All you need to do is follow exactly what he instruct you because the díminished value is real tough to deal! thank you so much for you Help RJ!

Fabian L.

Did an outstanding job appraising my mustang and getting me a much more desired value than what insurance was willing to give me. Very prompt and followed through and through with communication and gathering great info 5/5.

Greville H.

A+ RJ was great through the whole process!!!!! The insurance company only offered me $225 on my 2016 Mx-5. I knew with a small sports car my resell value was damaged far more. I called a local lawfirm and they told me about Wreck Check Atlanta, so I checked it out. I was worried it might be some type of scam but the google reviews were great. I took a chance and It was money well spent. I got $2250 without going to court. This process for me took about three month and RJ was true to his word he helped and gave me advice whenever I called.

Kurt C.

I highly recommend RJ for your diminished value needs. To make a very long story short, After being involved in a not at fault accident our Audi should have been a total loss but of course the insurance company tried to take the cheap way out and have the car repaired. The car was repaired incorrectly. The insurance company sent me a check for only $2300.00 for diminished value. That's when I called RJ. for help. RJ went up to bat for us and got almost $ 10,000 from the insurance Company. Great Job RJ !! We had returned the car to the body shop on three different actions to have the bad repair corrected. It could not be repaired correctly . again this car should been totaled from the beginning. I hired RJ to help out on this matter. Shortly after RJ did his thing the body shop bought the car from me at fair market value. I can't say enough good thing about RJ and helping us put a seven month nightmare behind us. Thank you RJ.

Tyler M.

Highly recommend RJ @ Wreck Check. Very professional and helpful through the entire process. The insurance company originally told me they thought that they did not owe me any diminished value and with RJ's help I ended up receiving a check for a little over $2,900.

Michael H.

Very helpful. Guided me through the process and helped get me the true value of my loss.

William B.

Mr. Sweeney was very knowledgeable about what my cars DMV was actually worth. We went to arbitration with the insurance company and I felt that I was very well represented by his firm. I received almost 3 times what the insurance originally offered me after contracting with Mr. Sweeney. Thanks RJ ...I would recommend you to all my friends!

Cola H

R.J was the best -I would use him again and recommend him to any one......How forbidden I get into another accident, I don't care what state I'm in I will always use him.....Thank you R.J for being the best and patient......miss Cola Hill 2017 dodge charger burgany

Jesse D.

RJ is as amazing as all of his reviews say. He is refreshingly honest and extremely good at what he does. I am currently compelled to tell every single person I meet to call him. If you’ve had a wreck or any damage to your car in the last 4 years, just call the guy. He will ask you some questions, have you send him the repair estimates and let you know if and how he can help. HE WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS. If he thinks he can get you $3-4,000 pay him! I found him and sent a friend to him who had just been in an accident. He told her he could probably get her $2-3,000. The insurance company offered her $500. Two weeks later BAM! $2300. I brought up the fact that I had an accident from 3.5 years ago, and that’s when he told me about the statute of limitations being 4 years. He told me that he could probably get me $3-4,000. My total investment was $455; $275 to RJ, and then $180 to an arbitrator(“umpire”) and within 2 weeks I had a settlement of $3,985. All I did was email him a couple of pics and the repair receipt, then certify mail the papers he sent me to the insurance company, and he did the rest. Please call him. Tell all your friends. It’s almost like free money. Also, he is very friendly, always responds, and will absolutely not take your money or advise you to pursue something if it’s not going to make you enough money to be worth it. Thank you RJ. My wife and I are going on vacation with my check.

Evander B.

I was fortunate enough to have Wreck Check recommended to me as a co-worker was making a diminished value claim at about the same time I had my incident. My insurance company offered a very small amount for diminished value compared to what RJ had detailed in his draft to the insurance company, and he was able to secure diminished value far above that despite my circumstances and did so in a very short amount of time. It is worth your time and money to contact RJ. I came out much better for it in the end.

Joseph L.

RJ did an excellent job on my Diminished Value claim. He was very professional. I highly recommend Wreck Check. The insurance company started out at 300.00. RJ advised me every step of the way and in the end recovered 6700.00. Thanks RJ

Jonathan N.

This was the best choice I could have ever made! My agent quoted me $750 for the diminished value of my 2016 Honda. The car had almost $7000 in damages. Wreck Check came back at $8000. The Gieco's ajuster quoted $1800. Wreck Check represented me with the umpire $3645 was the end result. Worth every penny. That is $2900 more then the orginal offer and double the insurances indepent estimator. Wreck Check not only got me more money RJ was quick to respond and always anwered his phone when I called. Beyond the larger check RJ also provided me the tax form so that the remaining diminshed value could be deducted from my taxes. Great customer service is hard to find these days but RJ with Wreck Check deserves the 5 stars on Google. He has earned it.

Brianne W.

Wonderful wonderful experience!!!! Thank you for going above and beyond. Highly recommend

Jason K.

Very professional and makes everything so easy. I was contacted within 2~3 hours by an associate RJ Sweeney. He made everything simple and gave me step by step instructions to get as much as I can from diminished value on my car. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND.

Beto B.

Mr. Sweeney was very knowledgeable and experienced at conducting a diminished value claim. He prepared a very in-depth and detailed report for us. When we had to go to arbitration, he successfully and competently garnered more funds for us. I would recommend him highly for any dv claims needs.

Susan K.

Highly recommend RJ to help you recover your diminished value of your vehicle . RJ was very knowledgeable, efficient and easy to deal with . He answered all my questions immediately and resolved my matter in less than 2 weeks . We were well satisfied with our settlement , don’t hesitate call RJ.

Ron S.

RJ did an excellent job on my Diminished Value claim. He was professional and gave me sound advice every step of the way. I highly recommend Wreck Check, a truly diminished value professional service.

Jeffrey N.

RJ did a great job! He got me 6 times the insurances initial offer. He was very thorough and professional and guided me through the entire process.

Michael E.

Great Service, He help me recover $8500 on my RV. He was very professional and helpful. The insurance company at first said their was no diminished value claim. He created a detailed report that the insurance company could not dispute. Glad I found him. I have found a new friend and would recommend him without hesitation

Johnny & Victoria C.

I highly recommend Wreck Check Of Atlanta! Thank you for your services!

G Cooper

The service and professionalism of RJ was what you normally get with the services of an attorney. He fought, challenged, and stood firmly by his work and helped me to get a more than fair settlement for my vehicle. He is the "Real Deal" even though his name is RJ.

Shirley K.

Outstanding service! Consumer advocate for safety and diminished value claims. Highly recommend RJ and his staff.

Halim A.

I am very happy with the service of Wreck check. RJ is a very experienced and a good guy. I highly recommend Wreck check for true Diminished value service.

Frank J.

Excellent Service/Fast Turnaround. Met with RJ to discuss my situation and claim. He was very professional and thorough. In one weeks time my claim was settled. Looking forward to receiving the check from the insurance co. I highly recommend RJ/ Wreck Check Atlanta.

Aparna R.

FANTASTIC COMPANY I highly recommend this company if you are in an accident and unsure about the diminished value. I ended up receiving $1000 more than the original offer due to the report from Diminished Value. Antoine helped me every step of the way!

Ellen J.

If your looking for a company, Wreck Check Atlanta will help you settle your Diminished Value claim for what it's worth, you have found the place. RJ was exceptional at getting to me quickly and even met me at work to go over the damages. He was professional, attentive, and punctual through the entire experience. With the detailed report provided I was able to settle my claim with State Farm for 200+% more than the original offer. It's unfortunate we have to hire 3rd party companies to get what's originally owed but if your going to make sure you go with Wreck Check Atlanta.

Scott A.

The level of service and professional manner in which they do business is second to none. The insurance company did not even tell me diminished value was an option. Once I brought it up they gave me an offer. Wreck Check gives you a very very detailed way of handling the insurance company. They did all the work and by the time it was done the insurance company's final offer was 3 1/2 times their initial offer which they said they would not budge on. I cannot say enough good things about this company. 10 stars if I had the option.

Shantel F.

RJ was definitely professional and very helpful throughout the whole process! I was so thankful for all his help and always being there when I had any questions or concerns with my case!


I would like to thank you and your company for your professionalism and expertise. I was able to win a diminished value claim with my insurance company as a result of the report provided to me by your company. I would also like to thank you for being so courteous and patient when addressing any concerns I had along the way. With out your assistance through out this process I would not have been able to get back what was truly owed to me.

Sven G.

RJ is a true professional that delivers results. Here's my story and how RJ helped me: Referred by a friend, I called Sam after my car was towed to the collision center. The process of diminished value was explained to me thoroughly. I had no idea that such a thing existed. Not excited about the accident, RJ continued to follow up to see if the repairs were completed by the collision center, so he could come out and assess the car. Unfortunately, the insurance totaled out my 2014 Porsche 911S. I called RJ (ASE Certified) and he provided an appraisal tons of supporting documentation on "what it costs to buy the exact car TODAY." I sent those details over to the insurance company and their appraiser and RJ negotiated 10K more than the original offer from the insurance company, which was spot on with dealership's pricing. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that. I would recommend him to all my friends family and YOU! It's a real no brainer.

Kaitlyn P.

RJ was extremely helpful in the whole diminished value claim process from beginning to end, and was able to get me 6 times the original offer Allstate gave me! If you need someone to help in your diminished value claim, give RJ a call. You will not be disappointed.

Lynn B.

I found RJ through a recommendation from a local body shop. He is a very knowledable guy who knows the "ins and outs" of the industry. Although I didn't get all the money he had reported , he did help me get a much more reasonable settlement. Although I chose not to pursue it in court he would have testified on my behalf if it came down to it. Highly recommended.

Jason P.

I hired RJ to help me with my diminished value report. The information I received was overwhelming and accurate. The insurance company did not even question my demand once, (which is unheard of) and gave every penny I asked for. I am sure some reports may vary, but my report was close to 50 pages long with undeniable evidence. I would not have received just under $10,000.00 in diminished value on my own without this report. I am no longer buried in my car due to this accident. I can take the 10k and apply it to my next purchase for a new minivan. Thanks guys, you made this process seamless. I will always use you should the situation present itself again in the future. I highly recommend this service for price and efficiency.

10th Lit Team

RJ was a tremendous help with helping me recoup my diminished value from my insurance company. The insurance company only paid me $54 for diminished value on my 2016 Honda Accord. After going back and forth with the insurance company they finally settled a at to $3,000. RJ was there with me through the entire process! I highly recommend his services.