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When the value of a vehicle is diminished, the consumer loses out. An insurance company may claim that the cost of repairs is greater than the value of the vehicle. Alternatively, shoddy repairs could lead to you getting into another accident due to mechanical failures. If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, Diminished Value Appraisal can provide accurate assessments detailing the condition and worth of your car.

Most mechanics perform excellent work when repairing damaged vehicles. However, there are occasions when a car is fitted with faulty or incompatible components. This can lead to mechanical failures that could cause an accident. For those who have already suffered injuries in a crash, there is no desire to repeat the episode. If you have any concerns about the repairs to your vehicle, call Diminished Value Appraisal for a thorough assessment.

Post-repair inspections in Mississippi are an invaluable tool in many ways. If there are remaining issues with your vehicle, you will want to know before getting back on the road. The functionality of your vehicle is only one part of the picture. Our team can also evaluate the cosmetic aspects of your vehicle and provide an accurate assessment of value.

Diminished Value Calculator and Appraisal

Buying a new vehicle, dealing with an insurance claim or driving a car after repairs are situations that may cause stress. Not all dealerships are on the level when disclosing the condition of vehicles up for sale on the lot. You may end up driving a car that is not only dangerous but worth less than what you paid.

When dealing with insurance companies, it is important to understand that they do not want to pay out substantial sums of money. You may find that the value of your vehicle is diminished according to assessments provided by the insurer. At Diminished Value Appraisal, we offer post repair inspections, diminished value assessments, collision monitoring, total loss assessments, appraisal process assistance and collision monitoring.

Another pitfall that consumers often encounter is relying on online diminished value calculators. These features give the impression that vehicles are fairly assessed based on current and accurate information. The truth is that you are not guaranteed to receive a report that is even close to the true value of your vehicle. Diminished Value Appraisal provides assessments from a real person, which allows us to ensure that all factors are considered.

Total Loss Appraisal Calculators

You may encounter total loss calculators online that suggest your vehicle is not worth repairing. This information should take into account the cost of repairs compared to the value of the vehicle. However, we do not recommend that you write your car off based on the results from a total loss calculator. Allow our team to provide a no-cost consultation that is based on your specific circumstances and vehicle condition.

One of the issues that consumers often experience is lack of support during legal proceedings related to a crash or insurance claim. A qualified attorney in Mississippi can provide representation but may need additional supporting evidence to strengthen your case. Diminished Value Appraisal can deliver information that is a true representation of vehicle condition, functionality, value and more.

We offer impartial appraisals that can benefit consumers locked in disputes or concerned about vehicle safety. Most vehicles are valuable assets that are not easily replaced. Knowing that your car is road worthy and accurately valued brings peace of mind, allowing you to confidently get back behind the wheel.

If you are interested in a no-cost consultation in Mississippi, contact our office today to speak with a member of the Diminished Value Appraisal team.