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An accident will make you reevaluate how you live your life. When a collision is involved, there are more issues to sort besides treatment for injuries. While you are concerned with rehabilitation, there is a chance that mechanics and insurers are diminishing the value of your vehicle.

There is an expectation in Kentucky that service providers will operate with integrity, fairness and in the best interest of the customer. This is not always the case, and you could suffer as a consequence of incompetence or disregard. When it comes to vehicle safety, you need a company that will provide impartial and beneficial information.

Diminished value reflects several issues that could impact on the resale cost of your vehicle. In many cases, these factors are not a fair reflection and could benefit the party producing a report more than the person making a claim. This is an unfair practice and Diminished Value Appraisal is here to support you as the consumer.

Diminished Value Calculator and Appraisal

Achieving the highest standard of repairs is a priority for those who have suffered in an accident. You want to know that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. The alternative is getting into another accident that could have a catastrophic outcome. This scenario is entirely avoidable with services from Diminished Value Appraisal.

Some of the enhanced services that we provide in Kentucky include post repair inspections, diminished value assessments, collision monitoring, total loss assessments, appraisal process assistance and collision monitoring. You deserve to know that your vehicle is safe, and any evaluation is based on sound information and evidence.

A diminished value calculator is a tool that is available online. This website feature cannot accurately calculate the value of your vehicle after repair, and nor can it give you an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s value. Diminished Value Appraisal will provide a no-cost consultation that involves discussing your specific circumstances with a real person who can provide the specific information you need.

Total Loss Calculator

Being told that a vehicle is a write-off is a devastating blow for many individuals and family members. Having a car or other vehicle in Kentucky is often a necessity. When repairs or an insurance appraisal diminishes the value of a much-needed asset, there are real life consequences. You may struggle to get to work or bring the kids to school. Some drivers also rely on a vehicle to make an income.

Unfortunately, there are several scenarios that may result in a less than positive outcome for consumers. If an insurance company deems your vehicle a total loss, the implication is that the cost of repairs would exceed the value of the vehicle. Total loss calculators are not infallible, so the information you receive could be misleading or completely inaccurate.

When you call Diminished Value Appraisal for a no-cost consultation, a real professional will provide any necessary assessments. We are committed to ensuring that any work on your car, including appraisals, result in a safe and functional vehicle that is accurately valued. The alternative is you, as the consumer, potentially losing out financially or getting into another accident. Do not take risks with your life or the lives of loved ones. Call our office today to learn more about the benefits of our process.

If you are using the services of a lawyer in Kentucky, Diminished Value Appraisal will provide accurate information that could support your case. Our assessments are trusted by accident attorneys throughout the state. Consumers engaged in legal proceedings related to a crash can rely on our team to deliver accurate and impartial reports.

Contact Diminished Value Appraisal today if you would like an initial free consultation.