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Following an auto accident, your first concern will be the health and well-being of you and your loved ones in Alabama. A car wreck can severely impact your life. You will need time to mentally and physically recover, and this will affect your ability to commit to work and family. Accordingly, the function and safety of your vehicle are of the utmost importance.

When purchasing a vehicle, you would assume that it is both safe and roadworthy, in alignment with the manufacturer’s standards. However, poor workmanship and substandard or incompatible parts could lead to your car reacting improperly in case of a collision in Alabama, or fail to deploy safety measures such as airbags.

Select Diminished Value Appraisal in Alabama to inspect your vehicle post-repair. We can identify any structural damage or miss-calibration of safety features that may affect the functionality of your vehicle. We can ensure that you have bought a safe and reliable vehicle. Aesthetic features, such as mismatched paintwork and any other factors will be considered to ensure you receive the maximum cost-to-value of your car.

Diminished Value Calculator and Appraisal

Negotiating with Alabama insurance companies in the case of a claim, or dealerships when making a purchase, is incredibly stressful. In either instance, you may feel like you are being misled as to a vehicles’ reliability. Diminished Value Appraisal can offer an impartial opinion on the roadworthiness and safety of your car, and confirm that repairs have been carried out appropriately.

At Diminished Value Appraisal we can assist you with post repair inspections, collision monitoring, total loss assessments, diminished value assessments and appraisal process assistance. This can help you in negotiations with dealerships and insurance companies over any dispute regarding the true value of your vehicle.

Several websites offer diminished value calculators that profess to provide an accurate estimate of the loss in the value of your Alabama car. These tools do not account for all the mitigating factors that may affect the value of your vehicle, causing you to over or underestimate the value of your claim or purchase. Diminished Value Appraisal offers a personalized consultation at no cost. We will accurately assess how your vehicle has been impacted by functionality issues and poor workmanship and offer guidance on insurance disputes.

Total Loss Calculator

In some cases, your insurance company may advise that your vehicle is a total loss. In this situation, they have determined that the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car. Insurance companies could be using this tactic to avoid costly repairs, and an online calculator may not provide an accurate assessment on your behalf. Seek the opinion of a professional, independent third-party appraiser.

As a consumer, you have a right to fair treatment and compensation when an expensive piece of property has been damaged through no fault of your own. Diminished Value Appraisal values continuous training and education to supplement our many years of experience in the auto industry. We pride ourselves on legally accurate and trustworthy advice and information. As such, you can trust Diminished Value Appraisal to help you settle any dispute with your insurer regarding the undervaluation of your vehicle.

A car is a significant financial purchase. You will want to ensure you are either getting the best value for your money on a new purchase or not being undervalued on an insurance claim. Mechanics and insurance companies will equally seek to over or under estimate the cost of damage to your car in an attempt to exploit you. Seek the impartial, independent and competent advice of Diminished Value Appraisal when buying a new car or if you have recently had a collision.

Contact Diminished Value Appraisal online or call us at 770-675-1828 or email for a no-cost consultation.