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Getting into an accident will impact your life in so many unexpected ways. When you are involved in a car wreck, recovering from injuries is a priority. However, most people cannot afford to take extensive time away from work or family commitments. A working and safe vehicle is therefore an essential asset.

You would expect that qualified mechanics will ensure your car is road worthy, but this is not always the case. The functionality and safety of a vehicle are often compromised due to shoddy work, replacement parts that are incompatible or other major issues that could result in mechanical failure.

At Diminished Value Appraisal, we provide post-repair inspections that will help identify any remaining issues such as damage or compromised safety. Our appraisals also cover functionality, aesthetics and the value of your vehicle. The services that we offer are designed to deliver additional protections for the consumer. The value and roadworthiness of your car are major concerns that should not be taken lightly.

Diminished Value Calculator and Appraisal

Whether you are dealing with an insurance claim or thinking about buying a new vehicle, there are inherent risks when it comes to negotiations with third parties and dealerships. You want to know that any repairs to your vehicle have been completed to the highest standard. When purchasing a new vehicle, safety and functionality are still important considerations.

The team at Diminished Value Appraisal provide value-added services that benefit consumers in several ways. We can carry out post repair inspections, diminished value assessments, collision monitoring, total loss assessments and appraisal process assistance. All these services will help you stay safe and get the most value from your vehicle should you decide to sell.

You may encounter diminished value calculators online that promise to provide a fair and accurate estimate. Unfortunately, these tools cannot take into account all the factors that will impact the value of a specific vehicle. We offer a more personalized consultation that is no-cost, and includes all our fees and an accurate assessment on how the worth of your vehicle has been impacted by poor workmanship, insurance disputes, functionality issues and more.

Total Loss Calculator

Receiving the news that your vehicle is considered a total loss (in that, repairs would cost more than the actual cash value of the vehicle) is devastating. This is often the result of relying on information from an insurance company or online total loss calculator. Neither of these assessments is necessarily accurate, so getting an impartial and fair opinion from a reputable appraiser is recommended.

You can rely on Diminished Value Appraisal to fully assess your vehicle and produce an accurate report. We work with lawyers and are a trusted source of reliable information. Our ethos involves a commitment to continuous training and education, which ensures we are fully versed in the processes involved for evaluating vehicles of any model, age and condition. Post collision inspections are often used to settle disputes when insurers undervalue vehicles. As the consumer, you have the right to fair treatment and compensation when your property is damaged in an accident.

We understand that purchasing or maintaining a vehicle comes at a significant cost. Any issues that diminish the value of your vehicle merit investigation. You cannot rely on insurance companies or mechanics to provide fair assessments or services. Turn to Diminished Value Appraisal if you have been recently involved in a wreck or are considering buying a new car.

Contact Diminished Value Appraisal online or call us at 770-675-1828 or email for a no-cost consultation. We will deliver on our commitment to ensuring all the information you receive is fair and accurate.

Our Client Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
Latia O.

Although we didn't end up working with Wreck Check we GREATLY appreciated being able to speak with Britney and getting some general advice from her on a few phone calls. We had already started the process with another company (Auto Loss) who ended up being a scam. They had us doing most of the leg work and were very dismissive when we wanted follow up and resolution. OF COURSE they also wouldn't provide us a refund after we expressed our concerns. Again, we're grateful to Britney for her time and assistance. In the future we will start with this company. FYI they don't only work in the state of Georgia. They are nationwide.

Jemise J.

I was able to get a nice settlement check with the help of RJ and his team. I’m very happy with the help they provided me with!

Ink J.

I came across Wreck Check when I was searching for a company that can assist me to get a fair diminished value from my insurance company. I reached out and RJ responded timely and in a professional manner. RJ helped with my demand letter and throughout the process. Of course the insurance declined to pay the requested amount so we had to request the service of an Umpire who made the final judgment on my car’s diminished value from the accident. The final amount was between what RJ requested and what the insurance company offered. Ultimately, I got almost 10x the amount of the original check the insurance company sent me which means I got a few thousand more even after deducting RJ’s fees and the Umpire fees. I will highly recommend using them!