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The pain, suffering and distress that victims suffer after an accident are often overwhelming. Seeking treatment and rehabilitation for injuries is vital. There is also the issue of having a vehicle repaired so life can get back to normal. If you are concerned about the work carried out on your car, a diminished value appraisal can provide answers.

A car is an essential tool for families and individuals in South Carolina. Without transport, getting to school or work may prove a challenge. You should be able to trust in the professionalism of your mechanic. However, there is no guarantee that mistakes are not made during vehicle repairs.

Further damage to your vehicle can occur from shoddy workmanship. If your car is not road safe, you may not know until a mechanical failure leads to another accident. This scenario could result in disastrous consequences for drivers who have already suffered injuries and financial hardship. Diminished value appraisal can provide several reports that will establish the value and safety of your vehicle.

Diminished Value Calculator and Appraisal

In an ideal world, working with third parties like insurance companies and dealerships should be a straightforward process. The reality is that these businesses are mainly concerned with making a profit. If your claim or dispute impacts their bottom line, they will use every tool and strategy available to limit their loss.

At Diminished Value Appraisal, we offer impartial support to vehicle owners who are being met with resistance when seeking resolution with insurance companies and dealerships. Some value-added services we offer include post-repair inspections, diminished value assessments, collision monitoring, total loss assessments and appraisal process assistance.

While you can easily find diminished value calculators online, these tools cannot offer accurate assessments of your vehicle’s worth. The team at Diminished Value Appraisal can produce personalized post-repair assessments. We also offer a cost-free consultation that provides a preliminary picture of how your vehicle has been affected by issues like substandard repairs, poor condition at the sale and unfair insurance appraisals.

Total Loss Calculator

The term “total loss” basically infers that your vehicle is not worth repairing because the cost of those repairs is greater than the vehicle’s value. This appraisal typically comes from insurance companies; however, mechanics may also suggest that your car is a write-off. If you are not happy with the assessment of your vehicle’s value, we can provide a second opinion using tools that produce up-to-date and accurate information.

As a trusted source of appraisal-related information, we work with lawyers representing vehicle owners. The value of your car should not be determined by parties with a vested interest in profit over the rights of the customer. Do not take it at face value when you are told that your vehicle is a total loss. Look to Diminished Value Appraisal for impartial reports in South Carolina. We are committed to ensuring that our customers can confidently get back on the road after an accident.

Vehicle maintenance can become a significant outgoing cost. When the value of a vehicle is diminished, it can cause headaches for the owner in several ways. You need to know that the appraisals on your car are a true reflection of the condition and value of the vehicle. The alternative is getting into another accident or driving a car that is worthless on paper.

To learn more about what you can do when your car is undervalued in South Carolina, contact Diminished Value Appraisal online or call us at 770-675-1828 or email for a no-cost consultation.